Writings of the Masters

The Writings of the Masters: Enlightening Lessons for Everyday LifeI have been blessed with the ability to converse with the Ascended Masters and angels. Their wisdom and insights have comforted, guided and enlightened me through the best and worst times of my life.

In 2003 I published the original conversations in my book, The Writings of the Masters; Enlightening Lessons for Everyday Life, which is available for purchase at Amazon, or with free delivery from this site by clicking here. This page includes conversations since August, 2013.

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I hope the insights help you as much as they do me.

Dealing with angry or hostile people
I am with Metatron, Gabriel and Michael. A group of us have been singing and laughing. They hold my hands in comfort. It is a tough time. I’m complaining about it a lot and don’t like it. I want to understand how it is that some people are verbally abusive, mean and angry; and what to do about it.

Metatron: “It’s like trying to understand the wind as it flows viciously. It’s just the wind and you can’t understand its nature. You can’t be the wind. You can only predict its course with some regularity.

These people are very predictable. You only get hung up when you want them to be different. Then you get hurt. You will always be who you are, singing your song. They will be like the wind. Warm sometimes, and violent at others. Can you live with the wind?”

Me: I want to say no and let them go, but then I feel that I don’t love them and I’m ashamed.

Michael: “Be ashamed if you want to. It’s your choice if you want to criticize yourself. But don’t stand in the draft. You can love them from afar much better than up close. Let them go. You can’t be in their wind withut hurting. It’s your nature.”

Me: This advice has helped me tremendously. Whenever someone is angry, rude, or critical I see it as the wind. Knowing that I can actually stand in it longer, and negotiate. Or, very comfortably leave until the wind dies down.

Reading and Caring For Your Body
It’s a big day. Some intense things are happening today. If I think about it I get a knot in my stomach.

Gabriel: Good time to talk about stress and the body, and how to read it and let go of it. Perhaps, one of your Healing Masters would like to talk about it.

Aksham (My Healing Master): Your body is your home while you’re here on Earth. It is a great mechanism for relaying information to others, and for picking up signals. It has its own inherent wisdom and understanding of Earth. You’ve entered a vehicle that already knows how to drive and exist on this planet. What a gift!

Like other vehicles your body needs appropriate fuel and driving conditions. Take it out in inclement weather and don’t take care of it and it will get run down and may even die. Keep it in good condition, giving it what it needs, and it will run well for a long time.

What I’d like to talk about today, though, is how to read it and care for it when you’re stressed and dealing with “inclement weather” on other levels than the physical.

Your body is very sensitive to various aspects of life, including stress from your emotions. It also reacts to thoughts that you have. If you think badly about it or think negatively about others or situations, the body picks this up. Your negative thoughts and feelings will influence your cellular structure.

Yes, it’s subtle, and the body is very strongly built. But, if this happens over time you’ll wear your body down. It will get frazzled and react poorly to situations and stress. You’ll have less energy to move and to react appropriately. On the other hand, feed it with loving thoughts and create peaceful reactions to situations, and the body will stay strong and agile.

Your body reacts to energy that comes in from many sources. You can feel it, if you pay attention. I’m not talking about the stomach ache you feel when you’ve eaten too much or the wrong foods. It’s more like a twinge of pain in the depth of the abdomen when you feel fear. Or, a headache when you’re thinking too intensely, or picking up energy from others in your head. These things matter to your body, and they are great signals to you as a spiritual being.

You are in charge. If you pick up fear from your body you can analyze it and see where it’s coming from. Are you processing a past hurt or imperfect belief? Do you think that something will happen that is not real? Or, is there truth to the fear. Are you doing something that’s inappropriate or dealing with a person or situation that you need to get out of? Your body is telling you something. Pay attention and it will serve you.

There are many things we can talk about concerning the body. Let’s stop here for now. Next time we’ll get Deborah to tell her skiing story, and how she let her body fly down the slopes uninhibited.

Namasté and enjoy your loving, caring, responsive body. It’s your best friend while you’re here.

Stress-free Time Management
Deborah: I realized that criticize myself a lot when I don’t follow what I think I should be doing. I get up in the morning with an agenda and stress out because I don’t follow it. Things happen. Life happens. Calls, emails and other matters come up, and I see it as a distraction.

So, I have stuff on my plate that I want to do, but it doesn’t get done when I think it should. Then I get stressed out about it. This causes me to be irritable and I don’t get the work done because I’m irritable. I don’t write well when I’m irritable. I don’t do anything well when I’m irritable. I’m learning that my expectations that life will flow as I intend it are causing undue stress in my life. I’m obviously being too hard on myself and not “going with the flow.” It all works out in the end.

Gabriel: You’re right. Do what’s on your plate. Don’t fret if your calendar isn’t being followed. Know that it will all get done in time.

If you have an important task that needs to be done that day, block it out and don’t let anything else interfere. Otherwise, just let the day flow.

Set your intentions for peace and prosperity, and doing what’s needed at the time. You’ll then be available to flow synchronistically through your day, doing what’s needed at that time – and without beating yourself up over not doing what you think you’re “supposed” to do.


Managing Stressful Times
Gabriel: You are approaching a time of complete overhaul and renewal of the way life is now. Many of you are experiencing huge shifts and stress, as you try to maintain old patterns. It’s not comfortable or predictable. Let it happen and enjoy the ride, stressful as it is.

Deborah: I’m reminded of a quote, “When you’re in the frying pan, sizzle.” It means keep going and this too shall pass. It also speaks to the fact that it’s stressful when you’re in the frying pan. You’re going to “sizzle” and that isn’t comfortable. I’ve found that my molecules sometimes seem to be moving faster and more intensely. It easier to manage and even exciting if I don’t resist this.

It also helps to focus on what’s happening right now, and not on some imagined future (which is often worrisome).

Gabriel: It’s true, the future doesn’t exist. Instead, do what’s best now and the future will bring new blessings. Change is not easy, but i’s bountiful when done right.

And right means accepting life as it is, envisioning the new life that you want, and planning for a future that’s bright and delightful. In time you’ll see things opening up for you in ways even beyond what you imagined.

Deborah: Faith and understanding that it’s all going to be fine – no remarkable –  and it’s all for you.

Gabriel: God is with you always. So are we. Know this. Trust this. Envision your life and what you want. Then let go and let God.

Deborah: Amen


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