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A Great Relationship: It’s not as hard as you think!

If any of these sound familiar, you might wonder if a great relationship is even possible for you:

  • You’re fighting all the time with your significant other
  • You’re not happy with your relationship, but you’re afraid to make a decision
  • You want to meet someone, but you keep attracting the wrong people
  • You have kids, and you’re worried about bringing the wrong person into their lives
  • You’ve given up, because you don’t want to risk the hurt of another bad relationship” “

A lot of people struggle to find fulfilling relationships.

But others realize that positive change is always possible. And that’s important, because they know a good relationship is the foundation for the life of their dreams.

If you’re looking to make your relationships better and more meaningful, or attract the right relationship, Deborah Hill’s intuitive relationship coaching can be the secret key that unlocks the door to finally having what you want.

Some of the things Deborah can help you with:

  • Identify the obstacles blocking you from finding the love you want – and remove them
  • Start over after divorce or breakup
  • Reinvent yourself after your children head off to college
  • Better understand your partner and be understood so you can improve your relationship
  • Find old emotional wounds and help you heal them very quickly

And, the best part is, when you are happy in your relationships, it brightens the rest of your life.

Many clients have had significant results after just one coaching session with Deborah.

Sandy is one such person. Sandy had been trying to find Mr. Right for years. She had tried everything she could think of – match.com, life coaches, prayers… Nothing she did seemed to help find the man she was looking for, because no one had been able to see deeply enough into what was holding Sandy back. She called Deborah for a coaching session.

She told Deborah, “It’s so hard to find a new relationship. I just can’t seem to get the right person in my life.” Using her intuitive skills, Deborah was able to see that Sandy felt unworthy of being loved and helped her quickly heal the pain caused by her past relationships.

Shortly after this session, one of Sandy’s clients introduced her to someone who turned out to be the perfect man! They started emailing and talking on the phone, and are now happier together than they’ve ever been before in their lives.

Most of Deborah’s clients describe her as “truly unique.” This is because Deborah is able to simultaneously combine two distinct skills.

First, Deborah has studied medical science, psychology and human nature extensively. She has also personally experienced many of the struggles people go through, so she understands how you are feeling.

Second, she has highly developed clairvoyant skills that she is able to use to see where you are on your path, specifically what is preventing you from having the relationships you want, and how to clear any obstacles that get in the way. And, she can help you clear them very quickly.

By combining these skills, Deborah is able to get better results for her clients, faster and more easily than they ever imagined.

She can help you determine what you really want from your life, and take the quickest path to clearing obstacles and negative beliefs that are getting in the way of having the relationships you want, and help get you back on your path, where you’ll find the life of your dreams waiting.

Many books and resources promise great relationships. But, often they do a great job raising more questions than answers, because they are overloaded with theory and ideas that are not specific to your situation. So they provide no clear-cut solution to help you with the pain, sadness, and emptiness created by not having the relationships you want.

As a relationship coach, Deborah provides help with relationship by using her skills to identify exactly the root cause of problems and recommend the right personal action steps to take you toward what is best for you, quickly and easily. With each session, she provides a detailed action plan, MP3 recording of the session, and she is available for follow-up support via email.

If you know Deborah’s intuitive coaching is what you are looking for to help improve your relationships, here are some options:

Breakthrough Coaching Session: One hour session, in person or over the phone. Includes a recording of your session to download, and an Action Plan. The Action Plan summarizes the session and gives you exercises, an affirmation and a meditation to do. Price: $160.

Comprehensive Results Coaching Package: Cover one or many issues and transform yourself with a discounted package. This package includes: 4 one hour sessions, to be completed within 6 months, in person or over the phone. These can be done in person or over the phone. You’ll also receive recordings of your sessions to download and Action Plans. The Action Plans summarize the session and give you exercises, an affirmation and a meditation to do. Price: $550.00

Complete the transaction above and then email Deborah to set up your appointment:
Email: info@TheAwarenessInitiativecom.

Here are a couple examples of the extraordinary transformations Deborah has helped her clients make:

Case Study
Michael is a successful entrepreneur who had some concerns about his marriage. He loved his work, and was having great success with it, but often felt conflicted balancing the demands of his job and his responsibilities at home.

And, every time his wife complained about him not spending enough time with her, his self-worth sunk a little lower.

He wanted to be the husband his wife needed, and he wanted to be a good provider. But couldn’t see how he could find enough time to do both.

Deborah was able to sort through the situation with Michael, understand the needs both Michael and his wife had, and come up with a solution that not only stopped the complaining… but led to more quality time together in a way that met her needs.

Their relationship is now stronger and better than it ever has been.


“Pretty amazing this life I’m creating! I’ve created a great home for me and the girls, a job that is EXACTLY what I wanted, and a fabulous upcoming vacation that came in under my very limited budget — can’t wait to see what I create next! Thank you Deborah Hill for teaching me how to get out of that thorny patch! Deborah is the most amazing coach – I can’t recommend her enough!!”   Summer Kidder

Case Study

Janice came to Deborah after learning that her husband had been having an affair. Janice desperately wanted to save her marriage, and her husband had promised to end the other relationship. But, Janice still had some fears…

Deborah was able to see that her husband was still cheating, even after he told her that he would not do that anymore. Using her clairvoyance, Deborah confirmed Janice’s lingering suspicion. Then, she provided support and guidance through the divorce, helping Janice heal the pain, find her inner strength, and experience loving herself for the first time in her life.

Janice and her children are now doing well, building a life they love and enjoy.

Case Study

When Marianne came to Deborah, she and her husband were talking about separating after 25 years of marriage. They had been to other counselors before, but nothing had helped.

Using her clairvoyance skills, Deborah was able to see that they both loved each other very much, and both had needs that were not being fulfilled in the relationship. Deborah then provided strategies to enhance their relationship.

Soon after, Marianne called Deborah to share that after talking with her husband, there had been a huge shift in their relationship. “I now have the relationship I’ve always wanted,” Marianne ecstatically said, “And, the best part is, I’m already married to the man of my dreams.”

To find out how Deborah helped someone heal a relationship, watch this: youtu.be/VuHSU2NimHE

And, to find out how Deborah helped someone create a new relationship, watch this: http://youtu.be/RriRcca5DkQ