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FREE TALK: Cash In On Your Intuition
Are you looking for ways to make the correct decisions, at the right time and with the right people? How you can use the same success ingredient Einstein and Steve Jobs used (as well as almost every other successful person you have ever heard)!

Click here to download information about Deborah’s latest free talk for Mastermind Groups and Businesses: Cash In On Your Intuition.

You’ve worked for most of your life. Now when you use your intuition life will work for you.  Call 404-459-0590 or email to book Deborah for your group.



Using Left AND Right Brain Strategies to Achieve Unlimited Success     

Learn the best kept secrets and business strategies of the most successful Entrepreneurs, AND receive the guidance you need to make it!

Deborah Hill, International Coach/Author/Trainer, and John Kirk, International Fortune 100 Business Consultant, have pooled their talents to create a program that will will help you to use all of your brain potential. Within months they’ll guide you to create a business that’s in line with your true goals and purpose, and help you to sky rocket to success.

Entrepreneurs are more relaxed, optimistic and 81% are happier than people who are employed by others. However, the odds for success as an entrepreneur are against you. The Make It As An Entrepreneur program will insure that the odds are in your favor.

Click here to learn what it takes and be guided to Make It As An Entrepreneur, by using both right and left brain strategies.

Yes, you can be happily in love, even after a heartbreaking marriage or divorce. Click here to learn how during this new free tele-seminar.


ONLINE COURSEManifest Unlimited Success

manifest unlimited success

In only 8 weeks see a remarkable change in the level of success with Deborah’s new online course, offered by Each week you’ll receive information, audio meditations, videos and exercises to help you to manifest success now.

Are you struggling to find your place in this new world? Do you need to create more success? We are now, and have for several years, been undergoing a global shift that is affecting all aspects of life, including how we become successful. We are being forced to reestablish our groundwork and increase our awareness in order to live at a new level of functioning.

This course will give you the insight, information and tools you need to manifest unlimited success in the new world that we’re creating.

Click here to learn more and to take the course to Manifest Unlimited Success.


EXPLODE! into Life in 2 days

This onsite version covers the basics of the extra-ordinary DVD/download course discussed above. This is a life-changing workshop for anyone who wants to boost their life to another level. Click here for a PDF with extensive information about all that’s covered in this workshop. Using stunning visuals, demonstrations, exercises and meditations, Deborah Hill will guide you through the basics of her multi-media course EXPLODE! into Life. This weekend will launch you into a new era. ” “

Click here for a PDF with more information on the course.
Click here for the calendar link, for dates and locations
Or, call 404-459-0590 to discuss.

Power Up Your Intuition to Increase Your Awareness

This course provides clear and powerful information and tools to guide you to awaken your inherent intuitive abilities, higher understanding and inner truth – so you become more successful in all aspects of your life. Tap into a continual source of information and power to become more directed, centered and in command of your life – having a greater positive impact. Unleash your true potential for success and fulfillment.
This is a hands-on, experiential workshop with the following take-aways:

  • Practical tools to increase your awareness and intuition and use it in all aspects of your life
  • Connect with your true power source – your essential Self – and act from that place.
  • Communicate more effectively with others – understand others more clearly.
  • Learn how to act instead of react.
  • Be able to act from a place of objectivity to be more accurate and on target.
  • Determine how you’re projecting to others and how you can manage it.
  • Protect yourself so that you’re not manipulated and dominated by others, or dominating them.
  • Learn the mechanics of life and use this information to make it work for you.
  • Learn techniques to break through obstacles to unblock your barriers to achievement.
  • Discover and learn to work with your core power team.
  • Learn how divination tools work and how to use them.
     Learn skills and tools to be healthier, more centered and and empowered in your life.
    See the Calendar page for scheduled workshops. 

Visualize Your Best Year Yet
Picture Your Best Year Yet!
A Transformational Vision Board Workshop

Transform your goals and dreams into reality with this simple and powerful tool. Creating a Vision Board helps you focus on what’s most important and effortlessly attract it into your life. Many high-achieving, joyful people, like Oprah Winfrey and Jack Canfield, use Vision Boards. Now, you can too! This fun, inspiring and transformational workshop is 1/2 day.

At this workshop, you will:

  • Clearly define your goals and dreams.
  • Release limiting beliefs and break through your obstacles
  • Learn how to tap into the power of visualization
  • Create your own Vision Board
  • Experience a visualization exercise that will activate your goals and dreams

All participants will receive a Workbook complete with Action Steps for use during and after the training seminar.
See the Calendar page for scheduled workshops. 


WEBINAR: Connect & Create Your Perfect Business or Job.
Click here to learn more


COURSES for DOWNLOAD or as a DVD set  (online & onsite workshops below)
Bust through obstacles and out dated life patterns. Heal and renew yourself after divorce or other life change. Find your true calling and create abundance doing what you love. 

Most of all, feel empowered, connected and excited as you reach your true potential and EXPLODE! into a remarkable life.
Are you ready to create more abundance, joy and fulfillment in your life NOW?
Take just 15 minutes each day to do this program, and you’ll notice a remarkable change in your life. You’ll even have MORE TIME to do all you need and love to do!” “

“EXPLODE! into Life™ is a highly unique program that takes you gently and warmly on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.  Superbly laid out and presented with an uncommon artistic flair, it is a joy to use and interact with. Great work, Deborah!” – Colin Tipping, Award Winning Author of Radical Forgiveness” “

EXPLODE! into Life™ is the media-rich series of workshops you take in the privacy of your own home or workspace. Developed to help you not only discover, but also unleash the dynamic “Self”  living inside of you, EXPLODE! into Life™ offers new and practical techniques for connecting your unique Self to the Universal Energy/God Source. By expanding  your horizons, recharging your career, and finding inner peace, you’ll attain the true joy and fulfillment that has escaped you. Click here to EXPLODE! into Life. 

With the new EXPLODE! into Life Course, you advance at your own pace, and return back to re-explore the materials as often as you wish. Generously supplemented with extraordinary photography, videos, audio meditations and practical exercises, EXPLODE! into Life! is as inspiring as it is informative.

Experience 5 self-paced, transformational workshops that will transform your life in 1 course.

If you’re ready to live your best life, this course will take you to the next level –empowered and prepared to perform at your potential – feeling fulfilled in all areas of your life.

I know there are different types of people. Some want to leap right into the deep end of the pool and others want to wade in slowly. For those “toe dippers” out there, here’s a way to make a huge difference before taking the full leap.

Connect with your true source of power, align with Source and learn to use your intuition effectively: Connect Introductory Package: $39

Or, Connect even deeper, become an objective observer, live your joy and create your life vision with The Creation Package. You’ll receive the tools you need to Connect, find joy and abundance, and create your best life: EXPLODE! into Life, Creation Package, Modules 1 & 2, only $89.

Click here to purchase

I want to help you to EXPLODE! so I’ve also included:

  • A Members Page for you, with new information, tips, meditations, support and videos
  • Monthly teleseminar/support calls for more information and Q/A
  • You’ll get even more support. You can email me with questions and I’ll blog your answers for you. I’ll provide new information weekly that will guide you further on your own Members Page.

Below you’ll find more details about the course. Still, the words won’t convey the experience. The visuals will carry you into a new world. Know that EXPLODE! into Life™embodies a lifetime of wisdom and training combined with creative mastery, with you and your happiness in mind and heart.

“EXPLODE! into Life brought everything together. It changed my journey and helped me to focus on my joy. This program woke me up to what I’ve been missing and what I want to do in my life.”  – Mark Brown, International Management Consultant

“Pretty amazing life I’m creating! A great home for myself and girls, a job that is EXACTLY what I wanted, and a fabulous upcoming vacation. I can’t wait to see what I create next! Thank you Deborah Hill and EXPLODE! into Life for teaching me how to get out of the thorny patch!”  – Summer Kidder, Virtual Assistant and Mother

“This is a wonderful program.  Deborah has taken some very complex and abstract spiritual ideas and principles, and she has turned them into a very user friendly experience.  If you are ready to EXPLODE! into Life, fill yourself with positive energy, and change your life to something amazing, don’t wait.  Enjoy this experience! The exercises are delightful, the meditations are magnificent, and your results will be life changing.” – Mimi Williams, Success Coach, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Teacher 

“EXPLODE! into Life™ is just what I needed. You’ve created such a comprehensive work.  The music and visuals are lovely. The voice-overs and videos sound so uplifting, calming and clear.  The course does a wonderful job of explaining difficult/soft concepts clearly and understandably. I love your personal examples of concepts and your openness about yourself! All of the beauty you built into your course was just what I needed to get me through some rough times and create joy and fulfillment in my life.  – Dr. Caroline Dott –Therapist & Instructor ”

EXPLODE! into Life™ is your map to freedom; true freedom to be all that you are and act as you need to. It will hold you, embrace you, mold you and blast you off with grace and wisdom. Launch into a new and brighter life – permanent and joyful, fun, fast and easy. It’s time to Soar.” “

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