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Discover How to Bring Success And
 Fulfillment To Your Work Every Day

Not getting what you want from your business or career?
Maybe you:

  • Know you need to change something but you’re not sure what it is
  • Keep running into obstacles and just can’t get them out of the way
  • Need to make a change – but you don’t know where to start
  • Are having trouble getting something new off the ground
  • Wish you had more confidence about what you’re doing or what you want to do
  • Searching for your perfect job or career

Many people spend vast amounts of time analyzing what’s holding them back, searching for a solution. Others get frustrated, give up, or simply do nothing.

But, there’s a third, better, faster way. You could call it an “express lane” solution that covers all the bases and really works. Let Deborah Hill help you.

With her intuitive coaching, Deborah can guide you to discover what to do that will make you the most money, help you reach your potential and keep you happy and fulfilled…

… while at the same time, clearing obstacles out of the way (including obstacles you may not have even been aware of)…

… sometimes, as quickly as in a one-hour telephone coaching session.

Here are just a few of the many things Deborah can do for you:

  • Help you identify and change beliefs that get in the way of having what you want
  • Show you what to focus on to get you where you want to go
  • Let go of negative emotions and disempowering thoughts
  • Melt away stress and have a lot more energy
  • Connect with who you really are and your true purpose
  • Help you reach your potential

That’s what can happen during just one coaching session. Several sessions will magnify your results – sometimes exponentially. After every session, Deborah will email you a simple, specific action plan along with helpful insights and recommendations, plus an MP3 recording of the session, and she is available for support via email.

Deborah has helped hundreds of people just like you get a new start in their career.

Deborah has the skills to help you accomplish everything that’s really important. And, if you’re looking for rapid improvement in your business or career, her guidance can help you set the wheels in motion so that the changes are fast, easy and permanent.

All this raises an important question: How is it possible for Deborah to help you get such remarkable results so quickly?

Actually, she combines two distinct sets of valuable skills.

First, she’s highly educated with four degrees in medicine and psychology. But, she’s also owned and operated successful businesses. So, every piece of her advice and all of her insights are filtered through real world experience, not from theory.

Second, she has highly developed clairvoyant skills. That means, she can see who you are, and where you are on your life’s path: see what’s blocking you from moving forward; and she can identify exactly what will get you back on track.

It is this combination of skills, talents, and real-world experience that makes Deborah such a treasured resource to her clients.

Len is one of Deborah’s satisfied clients. He had a business he loved, but he just wasn’t getting as many clients as he wanted and couldn’t figure out what was holding him back. He’d been to other business coaches, but they weren’t able to target the true reason Len wasn’t succeeding. Len called Deborah for a session.

Deborah quickly identified the limiting beliefs about sales that were holding him back, helped him to clear them, and gave him some action steps to take to boost his success. Within 2 weeks of his session, Len reported having booked over $10,000 in sales and new prospects keep pouring in.

I need you to help me with my business again, Deborah,” Len said, “my business has increased so much more quickly than I’d expected, I need help managing all of the orders that are coming in.” That was an even easier problem for them to solve. Len feels like the sessions he did with Deborah have given him a new start and he is now excited and confident about his successful business.

You might be wondering how it is possible for anyone to get significant, lasting breakthroughs in such a short period of time.

The answer is simple. Deborah has the unique ability to use her business skills and her powerful clairvoyance simultaneously.

This combination rapidly creates a custom-tailored program, just for you. You get straight to the root cause of obstacles right away. And, when you’re happy with what you’re doing, and on your path, you can accomplish things you may not have been able to imagine before.

If you know Deborah’s intuitive coaching is what you are looking for to help improve your business or career, here are some options:

Quick Targeted Package: One half hour to target and breakthrough your obstacles, gain insight and see what you need to do to get results in your life or business. This will be done over the phone. Price: $85

Breakthrough Coaching Session: One hour session, in person or over the phone. Includes a recording of your session to download, and an Action Plan. The Action Plan summarizes the session and gives you exercises, an affirmation and a meditation to do. Price: $160.

Comprehensive Results Coaching Package: Cover one or many issues and transform yourself with a discounted package. This package includes: 4 one hour sessions, to be completed within 6 months, in person or over the phone. These can be done in person or over the phone. You’ll also receive recordings of your sessions to download and Action Plans. The Action Plans summarize the session and give you exercises, an affirmation and a meditation to do. Price: $550.00

Complete the transaction above and then email Deborah to set up your appointment:
Email: info@TheAwarenessInitiativecom.


Here are some examples of the extraordinary transformations Deborah has helped her clients make:


“Deborah is the real thing. Her insights are valuable and on-target. Her business experience adds to her ability to cross-over between the corporate world and that of the inner world of her clients.” Rochele Hirsch, CommExpress Int’l, Inc.

Case Study

Jane was running a successful branch of a national company when her key right-hand person unexpectedly left the business. This created a big problem for Jane because the work her right-hand person had been doing still had to be done by someone and Jane wasn’t sure which remaining staff members could fill the gap. Deborah was able to see what the current employees were doing, what their strengths were, and how Jane could shift staff responsibilities to keep everything running smoothly. Because of Deborah’s clairvoyance, she was able to do this with 100% accuracy and much more quickly than could have been accomplished by any other means.


“Within just one week of working with Deborah I built a new and stronger brand for my business. I’ve increased my fees and attracted a new client at that rate. Who also wants to do a joint venture with me, working with his corporate clients. I’m feeling more comfortable being on my own and am owning my power – trusting in my inner guidance. I’m energized and my business is EXPLODING!. All in ONE WEEK!” Betty Fowler

Case Study

Bob is another of her many satisfied clients. He was thinking of starting a new business, but he had some doubts in the back of his mind that he admitted were causing him to procrastinate. He called Deborah for a business coaching session.

“Not only did she provide me with clarity and guidance,” he said, “but I actually began to feel physical changes within minutes of talking to her.” Bob now feels confident in his new business idea. He has begun to move forward and is systematically following the action plan she gave him.

He also feels reassured that as the new business grows, if any issues should arise, Deborah will be available for future sessions.

To find out how Deborah helped someone to achieve success, watch this:
And, to find out how Deborah helped someone find the perfect career, watch this: http://youtu.be/nGHw_v_iHUI