Every job matters. You matter!

Do you truly honor what you do? We often think that one job is more significant than another. But, every job or task, absolutely significant and essential, especially if you’re doing what you love. Everything we do effects everything around us, and when we do our job correctly, we grace the world.

Here’s a little story about how one person’s job, though insignificant to him, is ultimately important to me. I was sitting in my car at a stop light (a typical occurrence in Atlanta). It had taken me 10 minutes to travel 1/2 mile because someone decided to put a stop light in a place where it’s more of an obstruction than a help (as I see it, anyway). Hundreds of people sit at this light daily.

As I was sitting there I telepathically began this conversation in my head with an imaginary person who put this light in. I emphatically told him about this light and the problems he was causing. I asked why he didn’t fix this situation. He answered back, “I like my job, but it’s insignificant. All I do is adjust the traffic lights. What difference would my adjusting one light make?”

“Huge,” I said. “Hundreds of people pass by here everyday. For example, parents now have to leave for work 10 minutes earlier and may have less time with their kids. One kid could have an important question that doesn’t get answered and this could affect his entire life. Another person may have an injury and decide to drive to the hospital down the street. The delay could cause blood loss that could cause loss of function, or even . . . .”

I got a bit carried away and went on and on. But one thing became very clear to me: Every job is important. We may think we’re insignificant, but each one of us has an effect on a myriad of people. One guy adjusts on light and it affects hundreds of people, and potentially thousands of people related to the hundreds.

We’re all working together, whether we believe it or not. What we may need is more appreciation of who we are and how much we all matter.

Love: The most effective offense and defense

A way to blast through situations where you feel you are being attacked is to use the most effective force in the Universe: Love. The most powerful warrior is able to get to a place of love within and to radiate a path through the obstacle by illuminating it with love. Attacking with love is the most powerful offensive strategy. It will clear your path of evil and light your way.

This strategy is not for the meek. Using love as an offensive strategy requires great strength of character and commitment to evolving through the situation. Only the strongest can love through all hostilities and attack. But when done correctly, it will make you stronger and also light the way to the resolution of the situation.

When someone does something to you and you feel injured, you are wounded. If you respond to the wound with anger, remorse, hatred, or any other negative emotion, you are reacting to the wound, not healing it. You are yelling out in pain. You are spreading the pain. The way to heal the wound and to withstand the force attacking you – to launch the most effective offensive strategy in return – is to get back to a place of love. Use the following exercise to find the place of deepest hurt and love it. Love the place within you that hurts. And, love the person who hurt you.

I’m not talking about camaraderie or acquiescence. This is not “hearts and flowers” romantic love. It’s being able to use the white light, pure force of love. Here’s how: First find the light of love within your heart. There is a light that burns there. A fire burns in your heart. Get to a place of quiet and visualize it. See it. Feel it. Clean it up. Turn it up. Fan the flames and allow this love to permeate your heart area, your body, your aura and then radiate around and out from you.

Next, look at the place of evil that you imagine or see within the person attacking you. You’ll sense it or see it, but don’t take it into your body. Don’t be it. Don’t identify with it, blame the person for it or even think about it. You’re not fighting a person here. You’re only addressing the evil force. It may be from the other person, or from you, or from somewhere else. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. Just notice whatever you see as evil.

It may get tricky here. You may feel fear. Fear is a sign of weakness. Fear is the lack of love. Love will conquer anything you fear. Try it. Brighten your candle and let it overtake the fear. Continue to look at this evil and launch a love attack. Imagine holding a candle of love that is lit by your heart and the love force surrounding you. Light up the place that you see is attacking you with the light of your love candle. See it being strong.

The love you’re spreading is not romantic love. It’s unconditional love. It’s a force, not an expression. It has no words attached to it. It is pure light. Get to the place where you can feel this by lighting up all the pain that emerges from within you and without, with this light. Blast through your wounds with love. You will heal your pain.

As you launch your love attack you’ll notice the voices of ego within rising to the surface. You’ll hear thoughts of anger or meanness, or other negative emotions. You may bring memories to the surface. Look at them but don’t get caught up in them. Light them up with your candle of love.

Justifications for hatred and ideas for hateful attacks will surface. Light them up with your love candle.

Keep lighting up the place of most pain and fear – the negative emotions that surface. Let go of the pain as you heal it with love, until you no longer feel the wound. Don’t look for the wound, just notice that you are purely in love.

You are now a strong warrior. You’ve healed the wound and you’ve lit up the evil within and without. Now the magic begins. You’ll start to get insights and messages about next steps to take. These won’t be steps that involve improper action. It will show you the way through the obstacle.

The second part of the magic is that you’ve already changed the game. The person who hurt you is now lit up with love.

Repeat this exercise as necessary when you feel hatred or pain. Then watch as your life situations and you are healed and lit up with love. “All you need is love, love. Love is all you need. Love is all you need … ta da da da da…”


Dealing with people you don’t like

Love and personal growthIs there someone who just irritates the “hell” out of you? You’re around him or her and the “hair on the back of your neck” raises. This person may be someone you need to avoid, or  it could be your next teacher.

Someone you don’t like may show up to show you something about yourself that you need work on. This is especially true if the person KEEPS showing up in your life. This person has a valuable lesson for you.

The goal of a person on a path to enlightenment or personal growth is to get to a place of compassionate, unconditional love with everyone. This doesn’t mean you have to hang out with everyone. However, a lack of love means you harbor a negative belief or trait that you probably want to look at. In other words, if someone bugs you, life is giving you a challenge. The challenge is to unconditionally love that person. It’s your next step in your growth.

For example, Claire was a member of a business club I belonged to. She really irritated me and I tried to avoid her. However, she just loved me and every time I saw her she’d sit with me, talk to me … And she showed up A LOT. I saw her more often than anyone in my life, other than my family. Seriously. She was at every event at the Club. I saw her when I went there for lunch. I even ran into her at the grocery store, and she doesn’t live on my side of town.

I realized that life was giving me a challenge. I didn’t love Claire unconditionally, and I that is what I needed to do. First I looked at what I didn’t like about Claire. She was a very pushy, strong woman. And, she ate a lot of the nuts on the table. It looked piggish to me. Petty, yes. But, I had to be honest with myself. I didn’t like Claire for those reasons.

Next I had to look at whether I was pushy and strong. Well, anyone who knows me knows the answer to that. I am. Did I love that about myself? No. Not at all. So, next step: Love the pushy and strong part of me. Be OK with who I am and allow me to be that. I did that (though I’m still working on my habit of eating too many nuts).

The next time I saw Claire I was able to really love her unconditionally. I was then able to notice wonderful characteristics about her and talked with her quite a bit. Are we best friends now? No. If fact, it’s been a couple years and I never saw her again. My teacher had done her job and she left my life.

People who are on the path to improvement are often susceptible to pride and self righteousness. We tend to improve ourselves and look down at those who haven’t. Pride and self righteousness are always around the corner and it’s important to avoid them. So, here’s how you can deal with people you don’t like who keep showing up (or deal with them the first time and they may not show up again):

  1. Notice that you don’t like the person. Admit it.
  2. Target what you don’t like.
  3. Very honestly look for that behavior somewhere in yourself. It’s there. Trust me on this.
  4. Learn to compassionately love yourself; even that behavior.
  5. Unconditionally love the person.

When you do the above, the person will often just disappear from your life, or may become a friend. You both are now free to be in or out of the relationship. If you don’t do the above, life will probably bring you more “teachers” just like that one. Continue the journey to unconditional love with everyone and you’ll find you attract more and more people that you really do like.

If you have trouble accepting someone else, our yourself, call me (404-459-0590). I can help get you to a place of unconditional love. Or email me: debhill@coachdebhill.com.

6 New Year essentials for fulfillment & success

We're characters in the same play, using private, personal scripts.

Happy New Year! It’s a time of new beginnings, especially now. We’ve been through a tremendous amount of growth and struggle in the last few years and we’ve rounded the bend.

In a meditation with the Masters a few days ago I saw a tremendous sunrise and knew that it marked the dawning of a new era. I see the light and I hope you do, as well.

With that in mind I thought about what is most important when beginning a new journey, and I’ve listed my truths here for you.

1. Know who you are and what you value, and be centered in that place. Create from the heart outward and you’ll be successful.

2. Love unconditionally and passionately, without judgement. If you’re not there, do what it takes to be there.

3. Trust yourself to know what is true for you. Gather insights, and then evaluate. Trust what feels right for you. Tune in to your highest vibration. Pay attention to where the voice or message comes from. Go to the highest source and learn to recognize your TRUE voice.

You know what’s best for you. You define what’s true for you. Identifying your highest source for YOU is like grounding in a heavenly home. It will give you incredible insight and direction that is perfect for only you.

If you haven’t found your inner voice, or even if you have … Do what feels RIGHT. If you feel uneasy or uncertain about doing something, yield. Let the truth come and act from certainty. Still, there may be some slight discomfort, so …

4. Don’t back away from fear. Look fear in the face and see if it’s fear of the unknown, which is common and not a roadblock, but a hurdle. If you fear something else that is not yet resolved, hold off on taking action.

5. Enjoy life. Do what you love doing and love what you’re doing. If you can’t do the latter, change it. Smile as much as you can, and laugh often.

6. Be grateful and have faith. Know that you’re always loved and cared for, even in the face of adversity. You live in the arms of the almighty. Know that and live within that grace.

For me, everything else is part of the adventure. Even as souls we are learning. Don’t expect that you won’t make mistakes at any level. It’s how we grow as beings. We are higher beings in a body, learning on all levels. It’s a beautiful process. Trust and enjoy the journey and have a very Happy New Year and era in your life.

If you need assistance with planning your adventure or getting in touch with your highest truth, I can help. Call me at 404-459-0590, or email me at debhill@coachdebhill.com.

Get ready to fly

Success takes effort in the beginning. You're taking off. Take flight.We one day from the transition, when darkness turns to light. The days are getting shorter and the much anticipated Mayan calendar end is approaching. This year we face a time of even greater darkness, as well see the end of an era. It’s been a tough year – a tough few years. And, we’re rounding the corner on the 21st.

You’ve gotten stronger – contemplated what you truly need and your purpose here. You’ve shed unneeded baggage; whether stuff, unsupportive people and memories, or outdated aspects and behaviors of self. You’ve planned for the future and know what you want. It’s now the time of deepest contemplation and hibernation, where you gather your strength and gather your power. It’s almost time to take off.

Sometimes taking off feels like free fall. You feel the earth leave your feet and you struggle to take off. It can be exhausting and requires great strength. Like a bird or plane, you exert the most energy to begin your flight. Once airborne however, you’re free to soar. Your wings will take you where your intentions point. Dream big. Aim towards the light and joy. You’re on your way.

Ingredients for stress-free, enjoyable holidays

How to release stress and find peace during the holidays.Are the holidays sometimes stressful or overwhelming? Do you feel emotionally or physically “undernourished.” Joy is accessible! You probably want to feel it and emote the joy of the season. So how can you give yourself a joy booster and bring joy into YOUR life right now? Here are some tips:

1. Lower your expectations of yourself and others. It’s OK if you don’t decorate the tree perfectly. In fact, some people do it on Christmas Eve together. Get help.

2. Take time each day to meditate and/or relax. I know this seems unreasonable considering all you have to do. But trust me. You’ll actually have more time if you take time to be still. All the unnecessary stress and mind garble will fall away and free you up. Just do it and you’ll have more energy to finish the other tasks you need to do.

3. Exercise. You’re probably eating more and unhealthier food. You’ll feel more bogged down and sluggish if you don’t burn it off. Also, alcohol is a depressant. Exercise will give you stamina and burn those calories. It will also relax you and boost your mood. You can do something joyful for exercise, such as taking a Zumba or dance class, or walk in nature. And, again, you’ll have more energy to finish your other tasks.

4. Smile. Especially if you don’t feel like it. A smile will change your energy and others will appreciate it, as well.

5. Remember, you are the number one caregiver for you. Be a good father or mother to your inner child and take it easy on yourself.

6. Make a gratitude list. Each morning write down 5 things you’re grateful for. If you’re stressed, in traffic, waiting in line, . . . think of things you’re grateful for. It can be as simple as being grateful that you’re able to stand, even if it’s in line.

I hope your holidays are bright and joyful. I send so many blessings to you. You’re one of the entries on my gratitude list.

For more tips on this, check out the recording of my recent radio show with Janet Green and Betty Fowler. We give helpful information and feng shui tips to help you enjoy your holidays: http://goo.gl/VWPsO

If you need to talk and get some insider tips and coaching insight during a personal session, go to www.awarenessinitiative.com/store or email at debhill@coachdebhill.com. I’m committed to helping you find your joy and love.

Apocalypse? Are we really a cancer to the Earth?

Is this apocalypse? Are we the Earth's cancer?

A client of mine asked what I foresee happening on and around 12/21/12? Here’s my response:

Many people are feeling pressure right now and are taking this pressure personally. Some don’t realize how important the Earth’s patterns are in our lives. The days are getting shorter and darker. It’s a time of going inward and looking at what we really want to do. It’s a time of hibernating. At the same time, many are celebrating the holidays, and if you don’t have someone in your life to celebrate with, it can be very hard emotionally.

Also, the economy, the election stress, the possible “fiscal cliff”, the job market trends … all of these things are affecting us. We feel the energy, whether or not they involve us directly.

I don’t see a huge cataclysmic, apocalypse happening on one day. I see this time we are already in as an apocalyptic time. Hurricane Sandy was apocalyptic. The tsunami was apocalyptic. Earthquakes, storms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, climatic changes are unprecedented and apocalyptic. And, we’ll be seeing more of these events.

I was a student at the University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources in 1972 and we were telling people then that we’d have a deleterious effect on the ozone layer. We would run out of oil. The response was, “You’re crazy. We’re too small to have that effect. It will never happen.” And, here we are. Not crazy. Unfortunately, right.

40 years later, people still don’t realize the affect that we have on the earth. We are like a brain cancer to the earth right now. We are a part of Earth. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. We ARE Earth. And, we’re making changes to our body – the Earth’s body – that is harming it.

If you had cancer you’d have to shut down and make drastic changes to stop the cancer. The Earth is a living entity and it will do whatever it takes to save itself. The Earth isn’t here for people. It’s here as one entity composed of everything; people, trees, animals, water, air. These all are

the cells of the living entity called the Earth. And like all living entities, the Earth is a being that needs to be in balance.

When people are greedy and go after money at the expense of other parts of the Earth, they rape and ravage the body they are a part of. The inevitable result will be more natural disasters. Will these disasters kill humanity entirely? I don’t see that happening. I choose to not see that happening. What I choose to see happening is a change in consciousness.

I choose to see a world where we let go of greed. Where we stop the building of huge mansions and buildings that take up land that is needed for trees and wildlife. That we find alternative fuel sources and eat in ways that have less of an impact on the Earth and other species. I see people honoring the Earth so that we can all live in an environment that is not toxic.

I see us honoring each other with peace and acceptance. I choose to see us respecting each other and working together in harmony. I choose to see the evolution of humanity. That people realize how we affect our Earth and each other, and live in peace. I suspect that those that don’t evolve will remain cancers to the Earth, and they will most likely be annihilated.

I choose to see a younger generation that is more in touch with what needs to happen on Earth. I see determination in the young people today They are not buying into the same economics and strategies of their parents. They value trees and fresh water. I look into their eyes and I see a light that I haven’t ever seen before. I don’t see rebellion. I see hope.

What I believe is that if we envision our world healthy, intact and whole, with all people and species living in harmony and in balance it will happen. I’m banking on it. So be it.

Here’s a few things I suggest during these tumultuous times:

  1. Find the peace within you. Make sure that you’re in harmony with the world around you.
  2. Do something for you everyday, and something for someone else.
  3. Visualize and plan your life and life on Earth as you want it to happen.
  4. Put it out there. Pray for it, ask for it, shout it out. And start moving towards it.
  5. Have faith that it will happen for you, and for the world.

If you need more insight, give me a call. I’m here for you. debhill@coachdebhill.com

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Ruminations of hope in tough times

Every few hours I send healing and love to the victims of Sandy. I can’t imagine the pain or struggle that those people face, and hope that my prayers can lighten the load just a little.

While looking through my notes I found this rumination that I’d jotted down on a flight back to Atlanta. I shared it a bit in a past post, but I’m sharing it again in hopes that those who are recovering from Sandy, or going through a tough time in other ways, can find a little hope. I do see bright skies for you again, and praying for you, as well. So here’s something for you now that I hope helps:

I fly over an exquisite snow covered landscape. White clouds hover above a valley. The valley below them is dark.

All around me I see sunshine. But the people below the clouds are in darkness and shade. It’s dreary where they are.

“Look”, I want to say. “Look over there. It’s beautiful. So close to you. And the clouds are moving. I see them. Soon you’ll be in Sun again. Your life is more than the weather of the moment.”

Demons In Your Space?

Are there demons out there? It’s Halloween and we’re all thinking about spirits and ghosts. Do they exist? Are you vulnerable? Maybe. To find out, read on.

Everything is composed of energy, whether it is visible or not. And, there are many dimensions in life, including the one we live in, and they all interact. Some of the energy is loving and supportive. Other energy? Well, not so much. If you ignore this, the energy doesn’t go away. It will still affect and interact with you. Scared? Well, relax. You can easily wake up to those dimensions and take back your power over your integrity and energy.

Here are some ways to do so:

  1. First, open up to your sixth sense. You have one. We all do. You get messages from it all the time. It’s wonderful when you do. Imagine not knowing that you can see, and suddenly you open your eyes. Imagine how much more you have available to you.You know things you may have ignored. You see things you may have denied. You always have. If you decide to open to your intuitive abilities you’ll be lead to teachers and information that will help you. Best of all, this decision will help you to validate incoming information – the powerful information that you need to help you be the best person you can be, living the best life.(By the way, I’m giving talks on how to use your intuition to increase your success. More info is below.)
  2. Raise your vibration. Meditate. Laugh. Higher-level beings have a higher/faster rate of vibration. Think tingling instead of a slow thump. Be tingly and just say “no” to thumpers in all dimensions of your life.
  3. Don’t ever give your power up to anyone. Not here. Not there. Not in any dimension. Abraham, spoken through Esther Hicks said, “Just because we’re dead doesn’t mean we’re smart.” So very true.If your Aunt Lil was critical in life, she’ll be similar in death. We lighten up a bit when we die, but we don’t transform into angels. Aunt Lil isn’t more insightful after she dies. So, unless you want to know where she hid the silverware, don’t take her advice. Appreciate the care and give yourself as much space from her as you did in life… or more.There are many well-meaning beings on the “other side” (I’m quoting because there is no “other side”, but that’s an entirely different conversation). Not everyone who wants to help has advice that’s appropriate for you.
  4. If you feel negative, depressed, angry, or have any other feelings or thoughts that don’t seem to relate to what’s happening to you or normal for you, look inside. Someone’s energy may be in your space. It can come from any dimension. Energy moves through you more easily than bacteria or viruses. You may have been tired when you spoke with the depressed gas station attendant. His energy may have permeated your space. Clean out using meditation. And, set your boundaries so that you don’t get “trashed” by someone’s energy again.
  5. Honor your angels. You have them. I counseled a 10 year old who was having trouble fitting in because she saw angels and auras. I helped her to integrate and she’s now an amazing and incredibly successful high school student. I asked her what she would tell others if they’d listen to what she knew. She said, “I wish I could tell everyone about their angels. We all have them. If only the knew they’d be so much happier and successful.”You have angels. Be open to their guidance and love. Again, don’t give up your power to them, either. Beings of higher vibration won’t ask you to. They will give you insight and maybe suggestions, but they honor you as a powerful and knowing being in your own light. (Hint: If someone tells you what to do, they aren’t in a place of higher vibration.)

There’s so much more I’d love to share, but this article is getting long and there’s a lot to digest here already. I’d love to help you to open up to all of your senses and experience the joy and freedom of knowing all that’s around you and experiencing the light.

If you like, I’m offering coaching sessions to help people do just that. Learn how to tap into your intuition to create more success and joy in your life, and say “goodbye” to the demons in your space. Contact me at debhill@coachdebhill.com or call 404-459-0590 for more information, or sign up by clicking here.

It’s all about perspective

Change your perspective for successI look at the clouds from the airplane window. The entire view below me is white. I think, “The clouds are blocking my view of the Earth.”

Those below are thinking that the clouds are blocking the view of the sky. We’re both wrong. The clouds are of the Earth and one with the sky.

Someone viewing us from Alpha Centauri would say, “There is the Earth.” No mention of clouds. No reference to sky, or obstacles. Just a lovely, perfect planet with us aboard.

Where is your perspective? Are you viewing from your heart, your pain, or your brain? What if you could step away from the You that you think you are, and get an Alpha Centaurian view? Here’s how you can start:

1. Decide you want to. That’s the first step to actually getting there.

2. Learn to be an objective observer without the attachment to your particular attachments. Is there a hobby that you have that can help you?

3. EXPLODE! into Life, Module 1, will help you, giving specific information and instructions on how to become neutral and an objective observer. There’s even an effective meditation to help you to regain an objective perspective. (Click here for more information)

4. Ask someone you know to give you the persepctive you need. It’s often difficult for us to see through our own clouds. Do you have a neutral friend who can give you insight? A coach? I often do meditative writing to get a perspective from my higher self.

For a cloudless persective, step back and know you’re part of a much larger whole, and the clouds in your area are temporary.

If you’d like some help with that, I can do a quick check (1/2 hour session) on an issue. Go to www.awarenessinitiative.com/store for more information.

Fearlessly Living Your Purpose

Fearlessly living your purposeDo you feel driven to pursue something, to fulfill your purpose in life? Do you feel safe – like your life has meaning only when you’re doing something?
” “
I recently revisited the movie, “My Dinner with Andre” and loved it again. I realized how most people run from being silent and present. And this fear of stillness prevents us from moving forward appropriately and living our best, most purposeful life.
More than ever, people can’t sit still and just BE. Most are afraid of the power and vastness that exists in the place of quiet and connection, with no thought of past or future. As technology expands you experience ever increasing stimulation and can do more than you ever have in a shorter period of time. You may find that you now need to do even more than before to feel satisfied.
The truth is, you are all you need right now. Do you want to find your purpose? You are the answer to what you are seeking. Being in the present and stillness will allow you to find yourself. Being you, fully present will allow you to produce even more, though it won’t feel like it because you’ll be relaxed in the present. You’ll be grounded and centered, living moment by moment tapped into your true power and essence.
A universe of possibility resides within the stillness of bare presence in the moment. From this place anything is possible. In fact, you’re able to create more by connecting with and Seeing what you want and need when grounded in this stillness, than when you’re running and seeking. In this place you’ll know who you are and what you want. You can intend that what you want will happen … and it will.
So, do you want to live your purpose? Be you now, still and present. Then step into your creation one step at a time. No fear. You can change your life at any time, because now you reside in the place where anything is possible.

Why school doesn’t always prepare you for your best job

Does your degree really determine what you’ll do with your life? Have you noticed how many people are doing things that they remotely studied, or never studied in school? An engineer becomes a marketing director. A chef becomes a CEO. The developer of one of the most popular video games on the market studied to be a concert pianist!

Why is it that so many people end up doing work that’s completely different than what they spent so much time doing in school? It turns out that the training you do in school gets shellacked on top of the real you. You’re influenced by the pressure to do something with your life, the desires of your parents, your incomplete understanding of what the job actually feels like when you’re out there.

Finally you graduate, get the job and are you successful? No, you struggle and are miserable. Or, maybe you are somewhat successful but you just feel like something’s missing in your life. There is. You. You forgot who you are and what you really love.

You’ll be more successful (yes, make more money) if you do something that relates to who you are. And do you know what the best part of this is? Even though you won’t always enjoy what you learned in school you’ll ALWAYS ENJOY doing the things that reflect who you are. In fact the people who are most successful are those who do what they love, that reflects who they are.

I have this video that reflects how successful a person became when they did what they loved and was more in line with who they were. You can see it here: http://youtu.be/nGHw_v_iHUI

Meanwhile, get back to basics. Remember who you are. Who were you when you were 3 and weren’t worried about the stock market? Remember what you enjoy and do it.

If you need it, I can help. Call me at 404-459-0590 or email me by replying to this newsletter. Let’s get you back to You, successful and fulfilled.


How to avoid failure

You’ve probably noticed. Life is not a flat road. But, are “failures” necessary? It all depends on how you look at it. Mistakes and loss are inevitable. However, the only way you fail is when you lose the grace in all that you’re experiencing. You fail when you give up,  shut down, and lose sight of the growth and opportunities available. If you let go of remorse and regret, you are then free to soar. Here’s a story about a client of mine that is a great example of this:“”” “

Mark came to see me feeling like a failure because his consultant business was tanking. He had given up and wanted to know if he should take a job doing something else. Mark had been to business coaches and had done a lot of personal growth work, but couldn’t see a way through his struggles. That was because no one had seen the root of Mark’s problem. His mistakes had crippled him. ” “

What I saw clairvoyantly was Mark didn’t value himself enough. He had misinterpreted his past mistakes and thought of himself as less capable than he was. His job description greatly underestimated his abilities. I helped Mark to see how much he’d learned from his mistakes and successes, and how much he had to offer. We then rewrote his profile, increased his rate, and his business took off.” ”

Mark let go of his regret and the misinterpretation of his experiences. He saw that “failure” was growth and experience. He was then able to value himself and his services, and give more to others. Both he and his clients benefitted when he embraced his past.

I’ve had many “failures” or things that didn’t go as expected, struggles, and some of the most extraordinary times and experiences imaginable. In the end I’m able to give back and help others more than I ever could before. When I honor that journey I honor myself, and that self love and acceptance is the greatest success of all.” ” 

If you’re ready to release your past and soar, click here to get started right away.” “

Some people like to find out a little more before they start working with me. I understand that and will meet you halfway.  Normally I charge $30 for a 10-minute session. But I’d like to find out if you’re comfortable working with me, and if I’m able to help you.  So I’ll meet you halfway and give you the session for $15.  Email me to set up the 10 minute session.

Can you reinvent yourself and your life? YES!

Are you working on aspects of yourself and your life that may not be real? Maybe you remember things that never happened and your life is seriously affected by them? What if you can change your mind and change your life?” “

A recent article in Psychology Today (link is below) discussed how we’re programmed by others or ourselves to remember things that never happened. We then base our lives on these memories. Your entire life and how you do business, relate to others and more can be based on memories of things that never happened.” “

For example, a client of mine, Mike, remembered an incident where his father ripped up a picture he painted. Because of this, he felt he wasn’t artistic and chose a career he didn’t like because he thought he wasn’t creative. Mike was miserable in the career he chose, and even though he’d been coached, he hadn’t achieved success or happiness.” “

I clairvoyantly saw that Mike had misinterpreted his father’s actions. Mike’s father was angry at him for disobeying him. Ripping up the picture may have been harsh, but it was done to teach him to behave, not because Mike wasn’t good at art. Once Mike saw the truth in this, he was able to own his creative ability. He then opened up to a creative career and landed his dream job. He’s happy and successful now.” “

Are there events in your life that you think happened and that influenced your entire life? What if the event never happened? Maybe your brother or a friend told you it happened and you believed it. The Psychology Today cited study says that it’s possible that you created memories about events that never existed.” “” “

Let’s take it a step further. According to this article, you can change your memories through understanding. So now it’s been proven that the past is changeable.  Here’s how I see it: The past is (like everything) part of an energetic field that you can change. How can you change it? Here’s how:” “

Stay in present time and act as if the event never happened. Pretend it wasn’t real. Soon it will just go away. Soon you’ll believe it never existed. According to the article, you can be programmed to have memories that don’t exist. It’s only a small step futher to see that you can also erase memories that you don’t need anymore.  Memories that hold you back or keep you in pain.” “

So what happens if the memory is erased? Do you then lose what you learned? No. You got the lesson. You are now a wiser and stronger person. You are also more aware and clear when you don’t focus on the memories or store them. You are free to see yourself and the present as it is now.” “

Hey, it’s worth a try, isn’t it? Take one memory that keeps popping up and erase it when it comes up. If you need help with this, call me. I can teach you how. I can even find those memories and help you to get over them and move on. Or, try dropping them down a grounding cord. I have a free meditation that you can download to create the cord and use it. It’s worked for hundreds of people. Try it for free. ” “

Is your past haunting you and keeping you from being happy, confident and successful? Are you ready to get over it and move on? Do it. Be here. You’re free to make a new start. Don’t give those memories power. The past is now yours to create.” “

Say it now, “I had a happy life. I was loved and supported. I was encouraged to be all that I can be, and appreciated for who I am and what I can do.”” “

The past no longer exists and you’ve learned your lessons. Just pretend you’re happy and have had a happy life. You may just get used to it. Here’s the link to the article: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/creative-thinkering/201208/how-many-your-memories-are-false” “

If you’d like help letting go of your past, I can help. If you’d like a free 10 minute session to find out how, email me at debhill@coachdebhill.com to schedule. 

Effective Negotiation Skills from a True Heroine

One of my heroines is Mary Poppins. I loved her when, after the chimney scene, she responded to Mr. Baggins’ demand for an explanation with: “I never explain myself.” She then just walked away, leaving him dumbfounded. She was absolutely appropriate!” “

I read a saying on a sugar packet several years ago: “Don’t defend yourself. Your enemies won’t believe it and your friends don’t need to hear it.” I’ve lived by this credo and so far it’s true. In the past I believed that explaining myself and my reasons for doing things helped others to give me what I want. I was wrong and it never worked. It probably doesn’t work for you either. Here are some reasons why, followed by ways to get what you want (and others, too):

  1. The belief in explaining yourself based on a myth that others will deeply understand you. No one can. You’re that unique.
  2. Explaining yourself looks manipulative and puts people on the defensive. Ouch. Get ready for an argument.
  3. Explaining who you are and why in order to get what you want IS manipulative. You’re using your story as ammo to get what you want.
  4. It’s TMI. Unless someone asks to know more about you, don’t share. It’s rude.
  5. You aren’t honoring what you want and need. If you did you wouldn’t have to defend it, you’d just go after it or walk up the stairs (like Mary did).
  6. You aren’t considering the needs and wants of the other person. Or, if you are, you’re not letting that person know.

I could go on with the list. It’s probably endless. But, I guess you’re getting the idea. Explaining yourself is at best an ineffective negotiation tactic.

Here are some techniques to get what you want that I find to be more effective:

  1. Know that you are justified in wanting what you do.
  2. Decide that you’ll get your needs met.
  3. Consider the needs of the other person and ask that person what he or she needs.
  4. Be firm in your needs and seek a solution that serves both of you.
  5. If there is no solution, walk away from the situation and hope you can negotiate more effectively later. There is nothing more to say at that time.
  6. Be happy that you got your needs met, or that you didn’t get embroiled in an emotional discussion explaining yourself. You’re not drained. Good for you.

Mary Poppins saved the family and healed the children and parents. She did this without compromising or explaining herself. She was a firm supporter of getting her needs met. She was then able to help others get their needs met, as well. A “Namasté” to you, Mary Poppins. Now where’s my magic umbrella?


If you’d like assistance with getting what you want in your life, contact me at debhill@theawarenessinitiative.com, or call me at 404-459-0590.

A FREE newsletter with an article is sent out bi-monthly. It is my way of sharing concepts with you, to show you the depth of thinking that can be uncovered in the coaching sessions, trainings or speeches that I offer. My intention is to help you to live a richer, fuller and more attuned life – on your path and doing what you love.

Aligning with God’s Desires

Self confidence and success come from experiencing joy.This morning I responded to a question on LinkedIn: How can we align with God’s desires for us? My response was based on my experience of God’s expectations (or whatever you want to call the almighty, omniscient and omnipresent …).
” “
I am totally devoted to serving God and was guided daily to have remarkable experiences on a Hawaiian vacation (more about this story in my upcoming webinar: Connect & Create Your Perfect Business or Career). On the last day I asked God how I could serve him/her and what we’d do together going forward. God said, “It’s been a remarkable vacation, Deborah. Now I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with your life. And, of course, I’m here for you.”” “

I understood, but wanted to serve. I said, “But God, how can I serve you?” And God said, “Enjoy yourself, Deborah.” I had to ask and re-ask this a few times. After getting the same answer, I realized that this journey is our own experience. One where we learn and grow. We take God with us always and listen to all the signs, to God’s voice within, and to our own. But, even more importantly, our most important job is to enjoy ourselves.” “

Enjoy yourself. Because if you’re not, you’re not on your path or God’s. It took years for me to learn how to enjoy myself. I hope you’re a lot more successful at it. (if not, call me and I’ll help you). I was waiting in the wings, doing what I thought was of service, and miserable. Now I truly know joy and when I’m enjoying myself I serve myself, God, my clients and everyone best … and in ways I never dreamed were possible.” “

It works. Enjoy yourself and you’ll be aligned with God’s desires for you.

A Unique Productivity Tip

Summer is in full bloom and some of us are taking vacations. You may have noticed that when you take time to relax and enjoy, you’re more productive. Running like a hamster on a wheel takes you in one direction only, often exasperated and burnt out.
” “
Relaxing, whether on vacation or taking a quick break during the day, will give you perspective. It’s during these times of calm that you see the twists and turns in the proverbial road, and how to avoid them. New opportunities present themselves, and you’ll have more “ah-ha” moments that bring tremendous results. 
” “
Imagine how Newton’s life would have been different (and ours) if he hadn’t taken a nap under the apple tree. Would he still have discovered the principle of gravity?
” “
Here’s a quote from one of my clients about how she quickly relaxes: “When I feel shaken, if I just pause and take a couple of breaths, I always feel this sense of calmness and peace radiate from inside me a wrap me like a blanket — and I know I’m okay. Something I have been doing a lot of lately. Thanks for teaching me how Deb!” A little plug, but hey, it’s my blog after all. ;-)
” “
Sometimes it doesn’t take much to relax. Just sitting and enjoying during a meal, with no distractions. A few minutes of meditation. A walk in the garden. Trust me. This works. Soon you’ll feel relaxed as you move throughout your day. You’ll be healthier and more responsive, making better choices and sharing your light.
” “
Relax and enjoy,

Happy Independence Day

Several years ago I was flying to Barcelona from Florence, and had the opportunity to talk to a Spanish businessman. I was so impressed with the European culture and architecture. I wondered what the U.S. had to offer them, in his eyes. He said without hesitation, “Freedom. You represent freedom.”

” “

Today we are celebrating that freedom and independence. This is a country where freedom from tyranny is paramount. It is why our forefathers came here and it is why we pulled away from the motherland. We escaped tyranny and established that we were free to rule, as we believed, giving ourselves inalienable rights to do, as we felt best in our hearts and soul.


It was a rare opportunity in those times. Few had the opportunity to be true to their hearts. While many of the first Americans struggled and fought, all had an equal opportunity to grow and thrive as best as they could. It was and is a land of opportunity to be all that you can be and thrive to the best of your ability. <br/> <br/Freedom also meant that we weren’t taken care of by a mother ship. We weren’t sent goods and services to protect ourselves and feed ourselves. We had no support. Freedom meant that as a country we now had to be responsible for ourselves. There were no excuses and there was no soft place to fall. Life was tough. But, it was worth it because we were also free to fly.


And, we still are. Today is our day to celebrate. We’re the representation of freedom and independence from tyranny. I feel truly blessed to be living here and to have all the opportunities that this country affords us, celebrating the great nation that is us.

Happy Independence Day,



Your Greatest Fear Uncovered

What do you fear most? You may be saying, “failure”, whether it’s in your business, personal life or relationships. And, I’m sure there’s some truth to it. 

Your greatest fear can be preventing personal growthHowever, I’d like to interject something that may strike a cord or even sound a little irritating at first. So, bare with me and then let me detail it a bit.

” “

You want success. You don’t want to fail. You have dreams, goals, visions … I get that. I really do. So why are you struggling so much to get there? What’s blocking you? It’s insidious, but the greatest fear is actually reaching the goal. Here’s a few reasons why and why they aren’t accurate: 

” “

It may turn out to be less than you thought. (It won’t. Or if it does, you can change it.) You may reach your goal and then fail. (You’ll get back up and still be in a better place.) You may give up too much to get there. (You’ll only give up what you don’t need. If you need it, don’t give it up and get there anyway.) You don’t know if you can really handle success. (Read on.)

” “

The first three may be more obvious, but in any case, the last fear is the one that pops up the most. Yes, the number one reason people fear success is fear of the unknown. 

” “

Think of it this way. Say you’ve wanted to visit a foreign country for as long as you remember. I’ll use Australia for the purposes of this article, so apologies to you Australians out there. You will have to fill in the blank with another country. 

” “

You’ve wanted it for so long. You can see it, visualize yourself traveling, where you’d go, what you’d do … And, finally it happens. You’re on the plane to Australia with your guidebooks, snorkeling gear and money in your pocket. You get off the plane and there’s an immediate joy. Then what happens? It’s a little scary or unsettling. They talk different. The roads are not ones you’ve seen and they may even drive on a different side. The currency is different. They don’t dress the same. This place is very unfamiliar and you don’t know how to handle it. But, you do. You don’t run back onto the plane. You get into the cab or rental car, head for the hotel and you’re on your way to having a dream vacation.

” “

Traveling to the future can also be a bit frightening because, as above, you’ve never been there before. It’s new. It’s unfamiliar. You don’t know if you can handle it. But, you will. I guarantee it. You can’t get to anywhere you can’t handle. Life will never put anything in front of you that you can’t handle. Read more about this in my book, “Unlimited Life: Limiting Beliefs and Belief Busting Power Truths.” Chapter 1 goes into great detail on this. So, no worries. You’ll love your new life, and you’ll even create a better one going forward. 

” “

So, do you have the fear of the future? If you’re not reaching your goals, you just might have it. How do you handle the fear? First, take baby steps. The slower you go, the faster you’ll get there. You don’t have to have the whole vision tomorrow. Let it build for you. Relax. Enjoy the present. Also, know that you’re the perfect person for your life job because, well, it’s your life. 

” “

If you still have trouble releasing those fears, drop them down your grounding cord. You don’t have one? You can get the free meditation to create one by signing up for it on the top right corner of my website. Or, call me. I’ll target those fears and you’ll bust through those struggles in one or two sessions. Really. 

” “

Namasté and blessings on your success,

A Miracle and a Dream

Miracles happen daily. Tune-in to the synchronicity of life.

I emailed a client and friend in mid-May to tell her how much I enjoyed the video she sent for my birthday. There’s nothing like a video of someone telling you how much you’ve done for them and are loved.


Five minutes after sending the email she called and said, “This is remarkable. I just saw you in a dream this morning. You were at a hotel at a beach doing coaching sessions. I was next in line to talk to you when my husband woke me up. It’s so weird how this happened.”


It’s interesting how we tend to think of these happenings as weird coincidences. The truth is miraculous happenings occur all of the time. The key is to stay aware and notice them. Even the small ones. Synchronicity is real and ever present. If you pay attention, it will point you in the right direction and connect you where you need to be. It’s also pretty cool to know you’re always in the flow.


My friend and I were destined to talk today. It was so lovely and now I’m looking forward to doing consults at the beach hotel.

If you’d like to learn more about how to be more connected so that you can be present for your miracles, click here to email me and I’ll send a free download link to you.

Lost or Just Disconnected?

I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up one day on a dirt road in the middle of farmland. I’d been driving for hours to reach my destination, and had apparently taken a wrong turn. It was frightening to be alone and lost. Instead of panicking I took control of my emotions and said, “I know I can find my way. I know I’m taken care of and guided and am not meant to be left out in no-man’s land to die.”


I sat for a few moments and settled myself, and got in touch with my highest self and guidance. I let the energy of all that is surround and become me. I then intuitively asked for direction. I then got into the car and drove the direction that felt right.


It took awhile to arrive at the destination and I had a tendency to get panicky again. I knew that panic would interfere with the highest “transmission” that I was tuning into. My highest light GPS system needed faith and positive thinking. I turned on soft music and began to enjoy the scenery and the gentle breeze through the windows. When I realized that I was near my destination I was a bit disappointed. I was now enjoying the ride and the fulfilling feeling that I had connected and was safe. I decided to take the connection with me and remember to reconnect every day. I know now that I’m never lost when I’m connected to my highest Self and Source.
It’s truly miraculous how our journey through life is guided if we connect. Don’t leave home (or even your bed) without tuning in.



It’s Time to Wake Up

Awaken your highest self for the greatest personal growthIt’s time to wake up. Engaging in the same patterns and hitting the same obstacles will create more havoc now than in the past because life is speeding up. The energy on Earth is very intense right now. This doesn’t have to mean pain and struggle for you. It can mean great rewards and exciting times. It can mean a greater connection with all that is, so that you feel more lightened and free. It can mean easy answers to your problems. It can mean flying high and smiling throughout most of your day. All of this is possible and necessary now for true success and fulfillment on Earth today.


Yes, you’ll make plenty of money and will have better relationships, but will also feel the fulfillment that occurs from knowing the true connection at a deep level. So take the first and most important step in creating the live you dream of: Connect with your highest self and live from that place. You have the answers you need. You are able to be here now and accomplish all you dreamed of. Now is the time to connect with your Self and live your best life.


How are you going to do this? I’m going to help. I’ve decided to GIVE you the tools and information you need for FREE. It’s my mission to connect as many as possible to their highest source and so I’ve decided to give you the first part of Module 1 of EXPLODE! into Life which will connect you with your highest Self (see below for more info on EXPLODE! or click here. I want you to have that power and light. I want you to know the glory of knowing who you really are, feeling confident in that Self, taking charge of your life and being confident and comfortable in your own skin.


This is the first step to being all that you can be. You can’t create your best life without it. Without the connection to Self you create from the outside in. You’re swayed by the opinions and influences of others, and by your personality traits. You stumble and fall more often. It’s difficult to overcome obstacles and you’ll take wrong turns that aren’t true to your nature. You can avoid all of the hassle and be on your path and in present time by being the REAL YOU.


Get started today by emailing me at debhill@awarenessin.com. Just type “Send Free Download” and I will send you a link to the download and you’ll be on your way to being all that you are and creating a life of happiness and success.


Once we’re all in touch at this level, we’ll meet on a higher plane and create a world of great joy, connection, abundance and love.

Being a change agent and smiling through it all.

How comfortable are you with being the one who steps up? The one who enacts change? Are you able to stand up and break through the outdated limitations in your own life? Are you a mover and a shaker? Do you stand up for what you believe and feel is right in your heart?

” :

Perhaps, you’re happy just moving in your own circle having low impact. This works for a lot of people – actually, most people. Others can’t help but rattle the cages and invent new solutions. It’s an inborn trait and a blessing to those of us who benefit from their shake-ups and movement in new directions. Sometimes even the meek are called upon to take a stand and be strong – to move into uncharted territory to be successful. When we do, we may encounter resistance. How can we stand strong and handle the backlash without getting burned? Here are some tips to help.


Movers and shakers appear to be unbalanced sometimes because they often don’t go with the flow, or traditional approach. By definition, the shake things up. They move against the stream when necessary and lead us in new directions. I was a mover and shaker in the early 1970’s when I was helping to inform people about our impending ecological challenges. My colleagues and I were saying we would run out of oil, pollute the air and cause major damage to the ozone layer if we continued on the path of overuse and pollution that we were on. Most people thought I was crazy. The idea that humanity could actually affect the atmosphere was thought to be absurd at the time, and therefore, so was I. I couldn’t take the heat, and instead of continuing to be a Naturalist, I went in a different direction. I became natural healer, therapist and then a Nurse Midwife.


That worked until I began to observe needed changes within the medical system. Some hospitals in Atlanta were still putting women to sleep during childbirth in 1982! A few jobs later and frustrated by the slowness of change I again moved in another direction. I became an entrepreneur, where I could enact change (at least in my business) quickly. I was happy with my job, but still a mover and shaker in other parts of my life. The M.O. just doesn’t quit.


Now as an intuitive coach and counselor I shake people up (usually gently) and help them to move. But, I still encounter heat in life because I am a change agent at heart. Instead of running from it, I realize that I am destined to be a mover and shaker. Here are some things I’ve learned and some advice from the Angels on how to weather the storms and take the heat when becoming or being a change agent:

  1. “Don’t take things personally” has become a cliché and, while true, is too broadly stated offer true protection from the pain. Here’s one way that helps to not take things personally. Realize that people are NEVER talking about you. Never. People can only talk about themselves. You spark things within them that cause a response. If you encounter a brash or harsh response you’ve hit a target. It isn’t your fault. You can’t avoid hitting targets, especially if you’re a born mover and shaker.” “
    A defensive response to these people will cause a fight, so don’t try to explain or back out. Instead compassion will help both of you to heal. If you know that their response is about them, you’ll SEE their pain and respond in a way that is the most effective.
  2. The word “See” above is important. Don’t feel their pain. “See” it. Internalizing other people’s pain hurts both of you. You can’t handle their pain. You can’t handle anything that isn’t yours. Trust me on this. You can be there for others, if you don’t internalize their issues. When you remain objective by not feeling them, you offer your own vibration and healing by being the light. Unconditional love and presenting a compassionate mirror is the best gift and healing you can give.
  3. Number 2 above isn’t always easy to do. Here’s where we get to learn. When others are in pain or react to something we say we can learn to do the following: Remain objective and calm. Breathe and have faith in God and Self. Heal the pain within with breath, love and release.  Trust in your heart to know what’s right, and be strong and committed to what you know is true for you. At the same time, remain open to what others believe. Finally, smile and enjoy the adventure.
  4. If you’ve encountered backlash that is irritating, take time off to relax and regain a neutral perspective. Imagine what it would be like to be calm in the storm.


Here’s a visualization exercise that was given to me by Lao Tsu that offers protection from the vibrations you don’t need to pick up:


Imagine you’re surrounded by mesh made of light. It surrounds you like a beautiful, shiny suit of chainmail. It’s light and airy, but very strong and protects you from all energy that is not emanating from a higher source.


Inside the armor you’re filled with love and light coming from your higher Self and God. It’s warm, happy and safe inside. The armor around your head allows you to listen to others, without picking up their energy or charge. The part of the armor in front of and behind your heart allows your love to radiate outwards from you. The armor of light serves as a filter for you and for others and will keep you safe. It does not interfere with your aura, but is instead a part of you.


Great leaders encounter tremendous opposition. Dealing with it with diplomacy and kindness helps to calm the storms, where possible. Strength of purpose and trust in our own process and mission will help us be a light in the storm.

Creating Joy During Stormy Times

Finding the Window of Joy

On a bright shiny day it’s easy to see the horizon. When we’re happy our goals and dreams are right in front of us and it’s easy to go after them. Then the clouds come. How can we manifest under stormy conditions? When in times of stress it’s easy to find excuses to not visualize the future. We’re licking our wounds, internally screaming about conditions (and maybe to others), trying to find comfort and joy. When in the fog of discontent and stress, it’s difficult to see through the rubble that is in our mind. So, how do we find shelter from the storm and get out of the muck?
First we have to want to, and then we have to take the first step, which may be the most difficult part. Decide to change the situation and find the sunshine again. Gather just a touch of strength and resolve needed to break through and take these steps:
” “
First, back up. Take some time off, if even a few moments. An hour or even a day off is helpful. Go to a place where you can find peace. Allow your thoughts to wander for just awhile and listen to them. Just listen. Notice your feelings and what your thoughts are doing to you emotionally. Watch for self-abusive thoughts. Are you criticizing yourself? Are you expecting yourself to be doing better than you are? Eliminate any thoughts that are abusive to you and listen to the ones that are complaining about the situation. Give yourself a break and try to accept where you are right now.

” “

After listening to your thoughts and honoring your feelings, make a decision to feel better. Decide that no matter the circumstances you want to find a spark of joy. Can you do this? If now, explore why you’re invested in suffering.

” “

Next, find a quiet place to sit and do the following meditation:
Let the thoughts continue, but don’t become them. Don’t follow them. Let them flow and go. Be the calm in the center of the storm. Allow the storm. Don’t fight it. Don’t be it.

” “

Your mind and inner child may scream and complain. Tell them you’ve listened and you’ll help. Then tell them to step away from the space of calm.
Breathe. Fill your lungs filling with strength, peace and hope. Exhale sadness and doubt.

” “

When you’re peaceful, decide on one objective that is important to you right now. What do you need? What do you want to happen? Make it something that’s positive and not specific to one individual. Is it peace in your life? Do you have an issue with a child or a parent and need guidance? Do you need information and support at work? Are you looking for a new job? Whatever it is, decide you want that and ask for it.
Notice if you feel stress or tension in your heart or body. Breathe into those places where there is a block. Don’t analyze them. Breathe hope and peace into them and allow this breath to clear the tension. You don’t have to know what the tension is from. Just release it with your breath.

” “

Now, visualize a screen or white board in front of you. Ask that the first step that will enable you to reach your goal or objective appear to you. This may appear to you as words on the white board, or an image or video. If you feel or think resistive thoughts to doing this next step, breathe into them. Tell yourself your objective will be fun.

” “

Now ask that the Universe and/or God help you in your quest. Perhaps you need assistance in helping your child. Maybe you need some business or personal coaching. Do what it takes to enable you to take this next step. Know that you will be also supported and helped by the Universe and your Creative Team of angels and guides. Feel confidant and reassured that all will be well.

” “

Now relax, smile and open your eyes.

” “

Be careful not to identify with the stress and story going on around you. Maintain your place in the center of the storm. Return to it if you need to. If you can, take time to do something to relax even more, such as walking in nature. Don’t watch TV or get engrossed in something that distracts you. Keep your peace and tranquility in spirit and mind and breathe into it. Be it and enjoy.

When it feels like shaky ground …

Have you hit rock bottom yet? Here’s a letter to a client and to others who are struggling or challenged at this time, and may feel like the bottom is close:

” “

These are tough times and I know many people are struggling to keep their heads above water. Even on the good days there’s a looming feeling of concern. Like the crow that landed on our patio ledge, we’re eating the bread, but constantly vigilant for incoming threats or obstacles. Is the bread going to be taken away? Am I safe?

” “

Sometimes it feels like the bottom is falling out from under you and you don’t know where to reach or how to get it. At the same time there are pressures from all directions that are pulling at you. Everything is moving so fast these days. You’re trying to find peace and see your direction, but your phone is ringing when you’re on your walk. Emails are piling up. Your kids or friends are texting you. There are responsibilities and there are needs that have to be fulfilled.

” “

At the same time there is a part of you that is screaming out, “I want to do what I love and find a sense of peace. I want to be happy.” I have urged you to find your joy and let go of all that you don’t need. This is happening for you and most people these days. At a soul level you are letting go of all you don’t love and all you don’t need in your life. It feels like the earth is falling out from under you. And, there is nothing to grasp. The old patterns and pieces of your life that perked you up aren’t working anymore. It’s a frightening time and there’s a tendency to feel lost. Here’s what I know that will work to help you now:


First, know (really believe and feel it) that while challenging, this is a remarkable time. You’re recreating your life to be extraordinary and wonderful in new ways. Newness is frightening. You don’t have the answers yet, because you’re creating them as you go along. And you’re a great creator. You can do this. Know you’re not alone. You have a universal creative team and together you are capable of creating the life you love.

” “

You’re ready for this challenge. How do I know? Read chapter 1 of my book, Unlimited Life; Limiting Beliefs and Belief Busting Power Truths, and it will tell you how it’s literally impossible to be in a situation you can’t handle. You are ready and can handle anything that’s put in front of you.

” “

If you’re living in the moment it may feel ungrounded. You can’t grab onto the future or past anymore. Your old crutches that filled you with false safety don’t work. They don’t exist. The truth is they never did. It was an illusion and your illusion has faded. The good news is you’re now very grounded in the present and in reality. You’re now in a position to be able to create a life that is a masterpiece – grounded, joyful and fulfilling.

” “

Here are six key elements that I’ve found work to navigate when it feels like the ground has fallen out from under you – that you’re close to hitting rock bottom.

1. Release: Let go of your negative emotions and thoughts. Your emotional body is like a child at times and needs to express its fears. Listen to it like you would a child. You may need to cry a bit (but don’t allow yourself to go into self pity). Talk to it. Comfort it. Let yourself know that you’ll be OK and will take care of you. Work though any limiting beliefs you may have that prevent you from believing in yourself and all you can have that block you.

” “
2. Gratitude: Look at what you do have. Create a gratitude list. Write down 10 things that you’re grateful for right now, and do this everyday.

” “
3. Meditate. Find your center and get in touch with the You that is the master creator. Module 1 of EXPLODE! Into Life has some effective meditations that can help you to do this. At this time finding center is critical. It may feel like you’re in a tornado. Find the center of the tornado where it’s calm and safe. This is your core and your new place of safety.

” “
4. Envision: Make a list of the things you want in your life. Make sure this list consists of things you really enjoy, not what you think you need. Module 2 of EXPLODE! Into Life will help you to find what you enjoy and then define and create your list. I also have an article on the Members Page that outlines the steps to creating your life. Once you have your list, ask for what you want.

” “
5. Allow: Let go and allow Source and your creative team to work for you.

” “
6. Faith: Know that everything is as it should be and you’ll have all you want and need, when you need it.

” “

I wish you all that your heart desires and the peace that comes from knowing how much you have and will always have.

Higher Technology

High Tech Miracles for Self Growth and AbundanceI ran intervals on the treadmill today and experienced one of those miraculously delightful events.


Once or twice a week I run intervals on the treadmill. (Fast paced drills, for those non-runners in the crowd). I connect my headphones to my iPhone “Running Music” playlist and let it charge me up, as I run pretty hard on interval days. Some of the songs in the playlist are slower than others, because on slow run days these songs work. Today it was fast paced and all of the songs that came on happened to be fast. Love it when that happens. The technology was working.


Today I was also thinking about creating and how I live in two worlds at once. This expression works to talk about being with God and higher beings that are out-of-body, as well as being present and here with everyone on Earth. The truth is, there is only one world. It’s all one. We imagine the boundary. Anyway, back to creating miracles.


I wanted to come up with a story for this week’s newsletter, to show you how creating your life in both “worlds” works, and was thinking about it. Then the story created itself on the treadmill.


I had run my intervals and it was time to cool down. As I said above, the songs were pretty fast paced. I thought loudly, “I want a slower, meaningful song for the cool down. One like the song, ‘What a Wonderful World’.” I love the message, the music and the fact that we danced to it as our wedding dance. I flicked the “forward to next song” button on my headset and “What a Wonderful World” immediately played.


Now at another time in my life I may have thought, “What a coincidence.” I know better now. I smiled and was grateful for the miracle, the song and the story to share with you. After all, there is a higher technology that seriously works. And you never have to clean the drive or upgrade the equipment. You’re always connected.


And if you’d like to create more miracles in your life, the CREATE YOUR LIFE series of EXPLODE! into Life will give you the information you need to do so. It’s on sale. Click here to order and start creating miracles now.

How to create success with miracles

Here’s a story that demonstrates how miracles happen in everyday life. It can give you ideas about how to create miracles in your life – whether it’s a new job, more profits, a new relationship, and more.


I have been skiing since I was 9 years old and am now very picky about the weather and conditions I’ll ski in. I like the temperature to be in the high 20’s to 35 F, snow powdery and the Sun shining. Yes, it’s a lot to ask, but I have no problem asking God to provide this for me. I deserve it and know that God wants me to be happy. My requests have worked and I have had some wonderful ski experiences.


However, my confidence was tested a bit last week. I visited my daughter, Laurel, in Salt Lake City, Utah and had intended to ski while out there. I had sent my usual requests out to God, but the weather looked dubious. There had been little snow in Utah during the snow season. It had been snowing for several days before I arrived, which was a good sign. However, it looked like the cold blizzard would continue while I was there.  I didn’t want to doubt but I wondered if I was actually going to do much skiing.  Realizing that the thought was clearly doubt, I decided to leave it in God’s hands.


When I awoke the first morning I had a test of faith. It was still cold and snowy. I would be skiing alone that day and was nervous. Still, it felt right to dress in my ski clothes and head up to Park City with Laurel. She had to work, but I thought I’d hang out in town and see what happened with the weather. When we got to her job she was told she wasn’t needed for a couple hours and we were able to enjoy a delicious breakfast together by the fire in a lovely restaurant.


It was still snowing a bit when I dropped Laurel off at work, but I felt it was time to go skiing. it was snowing a little going up the chair lift, but the Sun broke through the clouds as soon as I got off the lift. It had been snowing for days until that moment and the slopes were full of new powder. The temperature was 27 degrees F. Perfect.


One of the lift attendants told me that most of the skiers that day had arrived early and had left because of the cold and blistery conditions. There were no ski lift lines and I was able to ski 11 runs in 3 hours. Up and down, smiling, singing and seriously enjoying myself; just God and I living the miraculous life. I couldn’t have been more grateful.


I’m writing this story to help you to realize how easy it is to create the perfect experiences for yourself. Know what you want, define it, clear your limiting beliefs, ask for it and know it will happen. This technique will work for the weather or for creating the perfect job or career. Start with the everyday miracles and you’ll see how you create a great life.


If you’d like more information on this, Modules 1 and 2 of my course, EXPLODE! into Life will fill you in and blast you off into a life of happy creating. I’m offering a ski story special this month: The first 2 modules of EXPLODE! into Life for $89. That’s 2 life-changing workshops that will inform you, guide you, and teach you how you can create a miraculous life in weeks. 


Email me or call 404-459-0590 for this special, and I’ll also throw in a Limiting Belief Worksheet for you.

How to Deal with Chaos

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.  Zinn, Jon Kabat

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." Zinn, Jon Kabat

Let’s face it. The boat is going to rock. Sometimes so many things happen at once, it doesn’t seem like we can keep up with them. Can we jump ship? Where will we go? There is no escaping chaos. It’s everywhere. It is a part of all that is. We can’t run from it. How can we weather the storm? The only place to go when life is frenetic is within. If life is chaotic, weather the storm by being braced in stillness.


A client called the other day distraught because his work environment was a cross between bedlam and a holy mess. He felt out of control and unable to function in the environment. I know how that feels. It’s so stressful when chaos is happening all around you and it seems that you don’t have control over it. You can’t control the work environment or the people who work there. However, you can control the chaos within. You can function calmly, one-step-at-a-time, honoring your boundaries and needs. When you do this you may be surprised to find that the environment changes, as well. Or, you may find that you’re moved to a different job.


Also, look within to see if your internal chaos – stressful thoughts, disorganization, entropic feelings – are being mirrored outside of you. Perhaps your inner turmoil is drawing a life of chaos to you so you can find your calm within.


You are not the chaos. You are the stillness of awareness. You are an aware being connected with the eternal Source of everything. Be the stillness connected to the heart of all creation, and let the chaos be. When your boat rocks, don’t put your energy into resisting the waves. You’re not the boat, nor are you the pandemonium. Put your energy into going within to your own place of peace and tranquility.


We lose ourselves when we become the discord, instead of observing it. We identify with the turmoil going on around us and our thoughts mirror it back to us. Events come quickly. People call. Emails pile up. Static is in the air. But, that is not who we are. We are more than that. We are the stillness that reigns within the cloud of chaos.


When your boat rocks, be the keel, not the waves. The keel is steady. It doesn’t rock much. It helps you to steer your ship, regardless of the weather.


I’ve just created an abbreviated version of EXPLODE! into Life, Module 1: Connect to introduce you to the course. This module will help you to find your center, your Source of calm, using information, visuals and meditations.


Connect with Self and Source and you will live within the eye of the tornado, where it’s calm and powerfully still.

Hearts, flowers and a lot of loving work

Love and personal growthHappy Valentine’s Day! On this day of romance we celebrate the hearts and flowers. Let’s also acknowledge what a true, loving relationship does for us. Many of my single and married friends are longing for a romantic, hearts and flowers relationship. It’s expected that with the right person, love will be giddy and fuzzy. However, whenever I’ve spoken with people who have been married for over 40 years the answer is always the same, “It’s a lot of work.” They’re happier for it, and love their mates, but they acknowledge that staying in love is not all hearts and flowers. It takes perseverence and dedication to staying in love, and it’s worth it.


I would go on, but I read an article by Radhanath Swami that says it so well. I’m just going to give you the link. http://www.radhanathswami.com/2011/11/on-marriage-and-divorce/.  Here are a couple quotes, but please read the article. It’s wonderful.


“Feelings of affection may come and go but the foundation of a healthy relationship is respect. Respect for each other and care for each other. Through respect and care affection can grow into deep love on the level of the soul. Physically we care for each other by providing the basic necessities of life. Depending on the particular nature of your occupation and relationship one must provide housing, clothing, health care and other physical needs. But emotional care is very essential. Lack of emotional care can really send a marriage off track. Everyone needs appreciation and everyone needs encouragement. …


Marriage shouldn’t be just something that we are tolerating somehow or other because we took vows. It should be something very dynamic, very flowing and very real. It should be and very connected to the Divine, so that the struggles are not just depressing –  the struggles are spiritual challenges that we have to meet together and every time we overcome those challenges we come to a higher spiritual platform. By following marriage in this way it becomes a path of perfection.”

Knowing how much to push and when to stop

I ran intervals today on the treadmill at the same pace that I did in my late 30’s. To you non-runners, that means I walked fast for 2 minutes, ran at mid-pace for 2 minutes and then ran fast for 1 minute. I did this 7 times, to build up my overall body and heart strength. I was shocked and excited that I could do this. Why? Some of you may know that I have been through three years of surgeries and chemotherapy after discovering I had breast cancer.  I ran five miles the day before my chemotherapy at an 11-minute/mile pace. 6 months later I was only able to walk 1 mile at a 20-minute/mile pace. 90 year olds were passing me. Sigh.

I am a very persevering person and wanted to get back in shape quickly. However, a couple years ago a wonderful physical therapist gave me some advice that I’ve written about before, but understand even more entirely now. She said, push to fatigue, but not to exhaustion.

That was an extraordinary idea for me. I’d pushed myself to exhaustion in everything I’d done throughout my life. Since then, I’ve adapted this philosophy in all areas of my life, and it’s paid off. But, it wasn’t easy at first.

Most of us have dreams and goals. We see our goals and we want to be there NOW. We push ourselves to the extreme and sometimes we get results. But, at what price? In the early years of my career I worked 100-hour workweeks, and often ended up in the doctor’s office. I also sacrificed the quality of my relationships because I was so busy.

What I’ve learned is that if we take our time, and let life contribute to our dreams at the right time, we do reach our goals and often surpass them. I wanted to run a year ago, but was still slow and had little stamina. I persevered and pushed to fatigue, but not to exhaustion. It was frustrating at times, and hard to imagine that I’d run again.

My patience has paid off and the end result is even more amazing than I could have imagined. And, I’ve also expanded my workout routine to include Zumba, total body weight-lifting, more biking and even walking.

When we stop pushing, we have the time to learn and explore. We add experience and wisdom to our dream palate. We also reach our goals healthier, happier and wiser because we’ve enjoyed the moments along the way. Learn more about this in Module 5 of EXPLODE! into Life. I also give exercises and videos to help you absorb and utilize the message.

How to work effectively from the heart

So often we project our needs for money and an occupation out into the world, and then work backwards from there. In other words, we project what we think others want from us and then create it. This rarely, if ever, works and we get discouraged thinking we have no place in the world.

I have a client who has been thinking about writing a book for years. However, she’s been stuck because she doesn’t know what others want her to write. She’s tried to put together an organizational plan and outline for the book, but hasn’t been able to because she’s trying to do what she thinks others want, instead of doing what her heart desires.She’s also blocked because she’s trying to visualize the entire journey to success and therefore can’t see the next step in front of her. Here’s a story I wrote to her that about writing my first book, The Writings of the Masters: Extraordinary Lessons for Everyday Life from the Masters and Angels. I think my experience exemplifies how life unfolds for you when you follow your heart.

I had been told for years that I would write a book, but didn’t know what it would be about. In 2003 a Guide came to me and told me it was time to write, and I was going to talk to the Ascended Masters and Angels. They would come to me one at a time and I would write down our conversations. What he said frightened me to the core. I was sure I was insane. Why would they come to me and what would they say? I thought I’d finally “lost it.” With understanding my Guide suggested that I just start doing it one hour a day just for me. He said that I didn’t have to share the book with anyone and risk being sent to the insane asylum. Just write and see if I enjoyed it and what came out of it. So, that’s how I started.

I was adept at hearing the voices of Guides and writing what they said, so that part was easy. Jesus came to me first and I wrote a few chapters talking with him. The information he gave me was remarkable. I was growing tremendously each day as I integrated the information. As it turned out, 1 hour a day was as much as I could handle because the information and his energy were so powerful. After a week of writing I timidly showed the work to a friend who was also clairvoyant. She was delighted with it and learned so much. No trip to the insane asylum yet. I was encouraged and thinking I may not be insane, after all.

Another week went by and I shared the book with another friend who said that she was sure it was written just for her. It spoke to her so profoundly and was just what she needed to hear. Her remark helped me to release my fears and continue. I thought, “I may be insane, but if the book helps others profoundly I want to get it out there.”

Flash forward and the book has helped tens of thousands of people. One person emailed that he’d read it 7 times. Another emailed me that she keeps it by her bed and opens it randomly. The chapter she turns to is just what she needs to hear. And, I’m writing to you from my home, and not an insane asylum.

My point to you is work from your heart and for you. Don’t worry about the audience or where it will lead. Getting through a blockage requires baby steps. Take it one joyful, fun, creative step at a time. Babies get a lot of mileage once they begin stepping. So will you.

Life Gives Us Messages for Personal Growth

If you pay attention, you’ll get answers you may not know you’re looking for. Here’s an example of a message that life delivered through a fellow potter.

I was guilty of wanting my vision to happen NOW, and not taking the time to let it progress. As you know, I’m committed to getting my course, EXPLODE! into Life, out to the world. I’m creating workshops, keynotes, speaking engagements, handouts, updating the website, networking, blogging, coaching, tweeting . . .  All in the last month. It’s exhausting just writing about it. At the same time, I’ve been frustrated at how little progress has been made. Why wasn’t my dream attained yet?

Meanwhile, I was working on creating a large vase in my pottery class. The instructor had just taught us a technique and I was frustrated at the end of class because the vase wasn’t coming together correctly. A fellow student, who’s also an advanced potter, noticed my frustration and said, “This is going to be a beautiful vase. You can’t expect to finish it in one day. Sometimes my pieces take several sessions. I have to let them sit and then I come back to them. They take on new form and after resting are ready to be worked on again. Have patience. You have time.”

I set the vase aside and let it sit covered. During the next class I allowed the vase to dry some. I looked occasionally at the vase as I worked on other projects, considering how it would shape up. Finally, it was dry enough to be worked on again. Working on it was easier and I could see that the vase actually wanted to be a pitcher. And, that is what it has become. Next week I’ll make the handle. I have time. It isn’t going anywhere.

Are you pushing too hard and not seeing the progress you’re making? If you take your time and allow it, life will shape your vision for you, and give you messages along the way.

A miraculous phone call

Miracles are out there waiting for you everyday. Sometimes they don’t appear right in front of you. Sometimes they call you on the phone.

Prelude: On January 2nd I stopped taking a cancer med. I was supposed to take it for 5 years, but 3 was enough for me. The side effects outweighed the advantages. It seemed like the right thing to do. I truly feel the cancer is gone. I’d done meditations and gotten affirmations from my guides, but still I asked God to give me some more validation.

Today I was working diligently on some important tasks to help me to market EXPLODE! and create a workshop around the course. As you know, I’m very wrapped up in this course and get pretty “nose to the grindstone” about it. I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m working. But, the phone rang, I answered and a woman with a heavy New York accent asked if I was the Deborah Hill that was a psychic and lived in New York 10 years ago. She said she’d met this wonderful woman named Deborah Hill, immediately bonded with her and wanted to reconnect.

I said I’d never lived in New York but she kept asking questions, giving me the phone number she had from 10 years ago (nope, not mine), asking if I’d been in the Javitts Center (couldn’t remember it), did I remember bumping into her (uh, no, not really). Instead of getting irritated and feeling like I needed to get off the phone, I felt relaxed and calm. I was amused, curious and very peaceful. I knew that I was supposed to stop what I was doing and talk to this woman.

I’ve asked God to send people to me who need my assistance and thought she may need mine. I said, “I’m not the wonderful psychic Deborah Hill who lived in New York, but I am a psychic Deborah Hill who’s wonderful.” She laughed and we decided to explore why we connected. As it turns out she’s also an intuitive and I was able to help her to learn some techniques to take her insights and sessions with people to another level. She tapped right in and got it.

Then the miracle revealed itself. Edith mentioned that she is especially good at doing readings on people’s health. I told her about stopping the medication and she said, “I’m getting a very clear message. They’re telling me, ‘You’re healthy and finished with the cancer. You’re healed. We’ve healed you and are continuing to look over you. Stand tall, have a stronger backbone and don’t look back. We’ve given you messages and you haven’t trusted them. Do we need to come down there and kick you in the butt? Stop testing us to prove that we exist. Have faith.'” True enough, there were actually several messages and I was being a bit whiney about it.

Edith and I laughed and we both felt grateful to be part of the miracle of God communicating the truth. How wonderful that God was able to get in touch with Edith, helped her find me (yay, my SEO helped), and told her to call me knowing she was able to give me the message. I appreciate God, the guides who have helped to heal me, and Edith’s perseverance to follow her heartfelt guidance so she could give her blessed message. I am also proud that I knew when to stop what I was doing and listen.

And, by the way. If the wonderful psychic, Deborah Hill who lived in NY 10 years ago is reading this, call me. The wonderful intuitive Edith wants to reconnect.


You’re Worth It

Many of us have a limiting belief that if we make more money, someone else will make less. This belief is a fallacy. Money is energy. It is not a limited resource. There is no scarcity if you make more. Someone else won’t make less because of you. A person paying you money for your heartfelt products or services is not the same as taking money from him or her. People who buy from or pay for you are investing in themselves, their healing and in whatever they need. You are allowing them to stand in their power.

For example, you don’t feel bad if you buy a smart phone. It’s a great investment. It’s fun. You can do business more effectively. You can connect more readily.  If I were an iPhone, I wouldn’t feel guilty because someone had to pay for me. In the same light, I don’t feel guilty because I am giving to people what they need and asking them for money so that they can grow and change.

Feeling unworthy is especially true for service providers, so you healers and caregivers beware. There’s an inbred societal belief that public service is not as valuable as other goods and services. Teachers don’t make much money. Psychologists often make a lot less than the people they counsel.

You are valuable and what you offer is valuable. If you don’t allow others to pay for you, you’re doing a disservice to them and to you. You create an obstacle that prevents your work from going out to those who need it. If you don’t get paid, you won’t be able to continue your work, develop new products and services and help others.

For example, if I believed that my services weren’t valuable, or that others can’t afford them, it would prevent me from being paid. I wouldn’t charge them enough, and I wouldn’t be able to continue my work. I’d stop producing courses and books. I wouldn’t be able to publicize the courses and books I’ve written and fewer people would hear about them and benefit from them. Fewer people would be able to have the benefit of my insight and experience.  Energetically if I don’t believe that what I do needs to make money and is an excellent investment for people, my disbelief will prevent them from investing. Instead, I believe that investing in my products and me is an excellent investment for them and will further their growth.

At the same time, look at what you’re investing in and valuing. Do you value personal and professional growth and development? Do you value coaching and training? I’ve heard struggling people say that they can’t afford to take a course or hire a coach. They then go out and spend $100 on a new outfit, or something for the kitchen. An investment in your growth and development is as important as a real estate or stock investment, if not more so. This is especially true in these times.  An investment in you will provide a huge payback in interest in your life.

Throughout my life I’ve invested in teachers, healers and medical professionals. These were sound investments for me, and have seriously helped me to change and grow. I’ve spent a lifetime investing in personal and professional growth and it’s helped me to be all that I am today.

Invest in you and at the same time realize that what you are and have is very valuable. Don’t let others pay quarters for your diamonds. You are even more valuable than you can imagine. And you deserve to be paid for your services and products and achieve great monetary success.  It’s okay to attach a dollar sign to your value. Get in touch with that yearning within your heart and soul that calls you to move toward on your path. Know you’re worth it. We all need you and what you offer, and are grateful to pay you for your time, products and services.

Let your dreams unfold

It’s a new year and a time to create what you really want in life. You are a powerful creator and can do this. Here’s a technique that can help.

First, connect deeply with your highest self. Meditate if you need to or do something that helps you to know and be you. You can participate in a meditative activity or even hobby that takes you into another state. For example, when I do pottery I focus only on centering and creating. My mind is clearer and I’m more open and relaxed.

Once you’re connected, become an objective observer and objectively watch your thoughts. Allow your mind to flow freely and creatively and watch the thought patterns.

Some thoughts may be negative or limiting. They may be pointing to a negative belief. Write it down and reframe the belief so you can bust through that obstacle to your creation. If you like you can use my free Limiting Belief Worksheet at www.awarenessin.com/free-for-you to do this.

Other thoughts will show you things you enjoy or want to do. Just notice what you are thinking and honor the thoughts without resistance. Once you identify with things you want to do and directions to go in, believe that there are ways to do what you love or enjoy. Allow your essential creative instincts to guide you artistically or intellectually towards your goal.

Find interesting ways to express these thoughts and avenues of inspiring thought. Invest time in yourself and your inspired thoughts. The only limits are those you place on yourself – the ones that you imagine and create.

Your intuition may be telling you to take a different path. If it’s fun, do it. Try it. This is a time for dreaming and acting on your dreams.  Act on your instincts. You are a creative being and you can create all that you believe in and all that you want.

Again, let your thoughts and desires travel through you and watch them as they flow. Objectively observe what you’re thinking, what you’re needing, what you’re feeling and then let your creative instincts act on them.  Fly with them and create the life you want.

How to Master 2012

Master 2012It’s time to “Let go and Let God”. This doesn’t mean you have to give up. Just give up the past and know that God will take care of it and the future. First, clean out 2011. Yesterday I shredded all documents from 2004 (now 8 years out and IRS proof). What a wonderful feeling of new-found space. Clean up your desk, get rid of old emails, remove old files and even clothes, if you like. Want to clean your mind? Use the free limiting beliefs worksheet (www.awarenessin.com/free-for-you)to get rid of beliefs you accumulated. Do whatever it takes to let go of 2011, so you can EXPLODE! into 2012.

Then ask for what you want in 2012. It’s time to visualize your new year. What are you thinking about 2012? Everything is energy. Our thoughts are energy. Our body is energy. Our thoughts affect our body and our life. I’m thinking that I’m going to have a delightful, healthy, prosperous, joyous year. It feels GOOD.Here’s a way to be even more effective. Send pictures through the mind. I’m visualizing my courses to help people EXPLODE! into Life helping millions transform their lives. The picture is energy and my guides and the universe pick it up perfectly.I’m now visualizing all who read this having a GLORIOUSLY New Year filled with the joy.

Gracious blessings,

EXPLODE! Into Life is here at last

Have you felt the need to make a change? Have you noticed that the things that used to excite you no longer do so in the same way? Do you feel a bit uncomfortable in your present job or very uncomfortable because you lack one? Are you noticing a shift in your relationships? Or, do you feel like you’re meant to do something more? Do you feel the need to take your life to a new level and don’t know how? EXPLODE! into Life was created for you.

Life is changing. We’re changing and many of us are searching for new ways to be and do. Many people are feeling the need for a change in their values and lives and are looking for new direction and answers. Because of this I’ve poured myself and a lifetime of learning and experiences into this course to help you to take your life to a new level.

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EXPLODE! is a stimulating course with extensive content, extraordinary visuals, videos, audio meditations and exercises that make it fun and exciting – in an easy to use multi-media PDF format. Your journey to explode will take you through 5 areas of life, to find your highest Self and greatest truth, find your joy, ground it and then take all you know and are to a new level. In the end you will experience the freedom and power you need to be all that you are, do all you want to and create the results you crave in your life. Click here to learn more.

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Stay In Sync to be Successful

Here’s some more helpful information from my online course,

Manifest Unlimited Success,:
When you’re in sync everything will come to you at the right time. You’ll be where you need to be and do what you need to do at the right time. You’ll be travelling easily on your moving walkway

Have you ever thought of an invention for something and didn’t do it? Then months or years go by and it shows up? Several years ago a friend of mine had this brilliant idea product invention: an electronic book where you can download MP3 files from the Internet. But, he dropped the project. Perhaps, Amazon picked up on his brain wave.

The energetic field that we transmit into has its own combined, higher intelligence. It acts as a mediator and organizer for us. Whatever we think is transmitted, and the effects of this thought are immediately put into motion in the combined force field. If you think, “I need to complete this project, and I need someone to help me with it,” you set an intention and set forces in motion to attract someone to you.

You don’t have to be aware that you’re doing this in order for it to be effective. In fact, most people are completely unaware of this and are inadvertently controlled by the combined effects of their thoughts and actions. When you become aware of this effective combined consciousness, and tune into it, you can create a life where you’re in sync. And when you’re in sync, you are attuned to the synchronicity of the events around you.

If you’d like to know more about how to stay in sync, check out my online course Manifest Unlimited Success, for more information, audio meditations, videos and exercises.

Manifest Success: How to Have Unlimited Time

manifest unlimited time

Here’s another excerpt from my online course, Manifesting Unlimited Success, offered by DailyOm.com. The course gives you more information, a meditation and exercises that will help you to manage your time and manifest success in your life:

We have been taught that time is linear. We’ve seen historical event lines that seem to go backwards. We have calendars with time slots, and schedules with times that project forward.  We assume there’s a time line – time running in a line. This line is two-dimensional and we only have so much space in it. We then try to fit the projects and events of our lives into this line like pieces of a puzzle. But, the pieces don’t always fit. Time seems too short.

We just think that time is 2-D. Our minds are part of and function in a material, three-dimensional world. The rational mind responds to what it sees, hears and the body feels. It picks up signals from all material aspects of three-dimensional life. Rational thinking is orderly and linear, but our mind draws data from everything happening around us from non-linear sources. Where is this everything else going? Can you see the time line concept falling apart? It’s inaccurate and insufficient.

Do you see the possibility that you can expand time into a third dimension? Can you see that time needs to include distractions, events, people – the possibility that things we experience with our senses play a role in it? The physical that is taking place around you, not just in front of you, is also a part of time.

Now, let’s take it a step further. Einstein said that time is a fourth dimension. Are you seeing time with 2 or 3_D blinders on? Expand your vision and you’ll be able to use time more effectively and have all the time you need.

Manifesting Unlimited Success will give you exercises and an audio meditation that will help you to understand and use this concept. The course is very affordable, as you choose your price.

Using Your Intuitive Ability

I’ve talked with many ultra successful businesspeople, and each one has said he or she trusted their intuitive instincts or gut level feelings. They admitted that these messages and instincts are a key to their success. Are you using and trusting your intuition? This most important aspect of self is often ignored because it can’t be proven.

We’re taught early on to ignore and invalidate the intuitive messages that we pick up, and rely on the rational, logical mind. We resist our messages because they can’t be logically proven. But, many things can’t be proven and are still true or work without making sense.

We were all taught to invalidate our intuitive insights – information that can’t be rationally proven. But, in order to be truly successful and fulfilled in our lives, we must open ourselves to this inner wisdom and truth, and to the incoming information that is not channeled through the rational mind.

You can move your career and the quality of your relationships to the next level, if you tap and use your intuitive abilities and talents. You’ll find that your timing, communication, productivity and collaboration with others will improve tremendously. It will seem as if you’ve suddenly stepped onto your own moving walkway – a groove of efficiency and right timing that effortlessly moves you forward.

My online course, Manifesting Unlimited Success, gives you more information, a meditation and exercises that will help you to unleash your intuitive ability. In the least, decide to be open to this valuable asset within yourself. This alone will help you to validate it and it will change your life for the best.

For more information on the course, click here: Manifesting Unlimited Success.

Manifest Unlimited Success is Successful

Here’s an excerpt from the first of 8 weeks of  “Manifesting Unlimited Success.” The course is packed with useful information to help you to know who you are now, where you want to go, and get you there joyfully:manifest unlimited success

Our purpose is not only to learn, share and grow, but also to enjoy. That’s the basis of finding true success. It’s important to understand this important concept, so that you can build on the joy and stay on target for success.

What does this mean on a day-to-day basis? Where does this leave you? How can you be successful if all you’re here to do is learn and enjoy? What do to do now? Here’s a story that can help clarify how this works.    

During a personal session an instructor said something to me that shook me to the core. He said, “Deborah, this session is 100% for you. It’s also 100% for me.” How can it be possible to totally make an impact on the world while at the same time getting an equal amount from the experience? I’ve discovered that the only way to do that is to do what you love.  I have yet to meet a person who has achieved lasting success, who has not enjoyed his or her work. Most of our greatest entrepreneurs have given us words of wisdom to this affect. Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”    

In a commencement address at Reed College, Steve Jobs said, “… the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it.”    

I’ve told this to clients before and often hear, “Well that’s all good, but I have to make a living first. I’ll work to make money and then I’ll do what I love.” The truth: You won’t be successful if you don’t love what you do.  Or, “I can’t make money doing what I love.” If what you love is lying on the couch, you’re probably right. However, if you’re actively involved in something you love, you’ll find a way to make money at it, or the money will find you.    

When you do what you love, you are learning, growing, sharing, enjoying and fulfilling your purpose here in life. So your question now shifts from, “What’s my purpose here?” to “What do I love to do and how can I do it?”

Needing more help to find what you love? The exercises and meditations in the course  “Manifesting Unlimited Success.”will help. Don’t let cost deter you, as you can choose your own price. I’m overjoyed that so many people are taking advantage of the course to manifest unlimited success and joy in their lives.
And, for additional personal insights, contact me for an intuitive coaching session at debhill@awarenessin.com or sign up on my store.

New Website and Courses!

It’s new and improved with more courses offered! Check out my new website. I’m so excited!

Also, I’ve added a new course for you. Available now “Manifest Unlimited Success” offered by DailyOm.com.

Are you struggling to find your place in this new world? Do you need to create more success? We are now, and have for several years, been undergoing a global shift that is affecting all aspects of life, including how we become successful. We are being forced to reestablish our groundwork and increase our awareness in order to live at a new level of functioning. This course will give you the insight, information and tools you need to manifest unlimited success in the new world that we’re creating.

And, coming soon! EXPLODE! This exciting multi-media course is a map for you to explode into your life. You will journey through 5 modules: 1. Connect to Source and Self; 2. Joy, where you create your ideal life through joy; 3. Stability, shows you how to ground all of this information into life; 4. Solitude, where you find strength in your internal spa; and then 5. EXPLODE! into your life with new information and tools to take all you’ve learned and blast off.

This new course will be available in October! Stay tuned.

Safely Investing in Your Future

In these tumultuous times many of us have seen our net worth run up and down like a roller coaster. We’ve seen companies fall and others sprout wings. We’ve lost jobs and business, and are rebuilding and restructuring. Now we’re asking ourselves, “What should I invest in? Where should I put my money and time? What is the most profitable and productive use of my time and money to harness my worth and expand it?”

I asked that question, and one of my Guides answered with a question: “What has paid off the most in your life? What have you invested in correctly?” I looked back and noticed many trends in my behavior towards money and investments. I’ve invested in education and training. I’ve purchased and sold real estate, both commercial and residential. I’ve invested in stocks and even day traded for a while. I’ve had several careers and still own two businesses.

What has paid off the most? Not one of these in particular, but something deeper and more profound. The most profitable investment I have made was in strengthening my connection with my highest Self and the God Source.

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