About Deborah

Deborah Hill is a renowned intuitive coach, counselor and Minister. She has been helping others to bust through obstacles, and change their lives and businesses for over 30 years.

She’s an award-winning author of 2 books and courses, a compassionate and accomplished coach/counselor, and an entertaining and informative speaker and trainer. Her articles have been published throughout the world and she’s been a guest on many radio stations over the last 10 years.

Deborah has lived many lives in this lifetime. She graduated with honors from The University of Michigan, Lane College and Emory University earning 4 degrees in science, psychology and medicine. She’s had many successful careers, including real estate investor and manager, massage and energy therapist, nurse-midwife and educator, entrepreneur, graphic artist, coach and trainer.

She has developed and managed in-home health programs, launched corporate divisions with her graphics & marketing company, birthed babies, helped those who were dying, served as a director on several not-for-profit Boards, and has changed the lives of thousands through her teaching and coaching.

Deborah also possesses a profound clairvoyance, and has spent over 40 years studying transpersonal growth and effective use of her clairvoyant abilities. Her deepest desire and most profound joy comes from helping others to learn from her experience and insight.

She is firmly committed to assisting others to experience the joy of connection to source and self, and unbridled success in their relationships, careers, businesses – their lives. She now lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, and does coaching in person or over the phone.

For more information or to schedule a coaching session click here to email debhill@coachdebhill.com or call 404-459-0590.